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    3 1. Hardware Installation 1.1 Inserting the batteries a) Remove the battery compartment cover and insert the batteries in the correct direction in the battery compartment (fig. 1). b) Reattach the battery cover so that it is securely closed. 1.2 Connecting the USB receiver a) Connect the USB receiver to a free USB port on the PC. b) Windows detects the USB receiver and installs it into the operating system. c) Thanks to Smart-Link technology, the standard functions of the mouse can be used immediately. d) The software supplied must be installed to assign specific functions to the additional buttons on the side. 2. Installing the software • The software supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista • Uninstall any mouse software already installed. a) Insert the enclosed CD into your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive. Wait a moment, the installation windows opens automatically. If this does not happen, click Start => Run, enter “X:\autorun” and press Enter to confirm. b) Select “Wireless/Wired Mouse” as the product type and then click “Run Setup”. c) Double-click the mouse icon in the task bar to adjust the button settings to your personal needs. Note: When installing the software under Windows XP/Vista, a message may appear referring to an unsigned driver or program. This does not affect mouse or software operation. Simply ignore and continue with the installation. 3. Functionality problems If the mouse does not function as expected, ensure that you have carried out the following steps: • The batteries are new and inserted correctly • The receiver is correctly connected to the computer. • Receiver and devices are within their communication range (depending on location, max. 10 m) g Installation hints + - - + fig. 1 + - + - 00052469bda.indd Abs2:3 00052469bda.indd Abs2:3 23.04.2007 9:21:59 Uhr 23.04.2007 9:21:59 Uhr 4 1. Installation du matériel 1.1 Mise en place des piles a) Ouvrez le couvercle du compartiment et insérez les piles en respectant la polarité (ill. 1). b) Refermez le couvercle du compartiment à piles. 1.2 Branchement du récepteur USB a) Raccordez le récepteur USB à un port USB libre de votre ordinateur. c) Le récepteur USB est alors reconnu par Windows et intégré dans votre système d’exploitation. c) Grâce à la technologie Smart Link, votre souris et ses fonctions standard sont utilisables immédiatement. d) Il est nécessaire d‘installer le logiciel fourni afin d’attribuer une fonction spécifique aux touches latérales supplémentaires. 2. Installation du logiciel • Le logiciel supporte Windows 2000/XP/Vista • Désinstallez d’autres logiciels de souris éventuels. .....
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