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    Set up location: The unit may not be operated in the vicinity of heaters or in dusty or moist areas. The following information explains how to select the best installation location for your wireless with the optimum surrounding area to ensure the maximum data transfer rate: • Wireless Access Point should be up in the centre of your wireless network. • Signals are transmitted better in open space. To achieve the best results, set components up directly opposite one other and avoid placing objects in between, as these will obstruct the signal. • Leave some space above each component. This ensures connection is free from interference. • Parts of buildings such as metal frames and concrete walls can also affect the strength of the signal. Avoid setting up Access Point near to walls or other large objects, particularly those with metal parts such as computer towers, monitors and household appliances like microwave ovens. Playing via the internet: 1) A CAT5 patch cable (max. 100m) is required to connect the games adapter to the games console. 2) Connect the other end of the CAT5 patch cable to the RJ-45/network port of the games console. 3) Plug the supplied power supply unit into an empty socket. Start your games console. 4) The PWR LED on the front display of the games adapter, which indicates that the adapter is on, should be on. The "Console" LED should also be on, indicating that there is a connection between the games adapter and the games console. 5) Ensure that your wireless LAN router is connected to the internet. If the games adapter is in contact with your wireless LAN router, the "Status" LED also shows a steady green light. If not, the LED flashes. Should this occur, continue with point 6. 6) Press the “AdHoc/Infrastructure” button at the rear of the games adapter. The “Head 3 Head” LED on the front display may not be on. The adapter is in “Infrastructure mode” and the communication with your wireless LAN network should be configured and function automatically. When the games adapter has established a connection to your network, the “Status” LED shows a steady green light. 7) You can now communicate via your internet access using your Xbox or PS2 with the special online access of the console in question (additional sub- scription required). Head-to-Head games: You have two consoles and want to compete against each other. You need a games adapter each for both consoles. Connect them to the console as described above in points 1-4. Then press the “Adhoc/Infrastructure” button on the rear of the games adapter until the “Head-to-Head” LED on the front illuminates. This .....
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