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    4 Front panel 3 Connect your scanner. • USB a Connect the USB cable to the USB port on the back of the scanner, then to one of the USB ports on your PC. b Do not connect the parallel cable. • Parallel: a Make sure your PC is off. If you do NOT have a printer, go to step d. b Disconnect the printer's parallel cable from the PC. c Connect the printer cable to the scanner's parallel port. d Use the parallel cable that came with the scanner to connect the scanner to your PC. e Do not connect the USB cable. 4 Connect the power supply to the scanner and plug the power cord into an electrical outlet.This turns on power to the scanner. Note If you installed Parallel, you must now restart your PC. The scanner does NOT have an on/off switch. Congratulations! Your scanner is now installed. Front panel Use the Scanner Buttons Place a document on the scanner glass, and then press one of the following scanner buttons: l SCAN: Starts the HP scanning software. l E-MAIL: Scans and attaches your document to a new e-mail message from your installed e-mail software. l COPY PANEL: Scans and prints copies of your document. Page 4 Monday, May 15, 2000 1:31 PM Troubleshooting 5 Troubleshooting Installation Troubleshooting Cable Selection Check to see that you have connected the scanner using the correct cable for your operating system. l Windows 95: USB is not supported for this scanner in Windows 95.You must connect your scanner using the parallel interface. l Windows 98: Your computer may or may not have a USB port. HP recommends that your connect your scanner using the USB interface if you have a USB port. If your computer does not have a USB port, connect the scanner using the parallel interface. l Windows 2000: Parallel is not supported for this scanner in Windows 2000. You must connect your scanner using the USB interface. l Any other operating system (Windows NT, Unix, OS/2): The HP ScanJet scanner is designed to work under the Windows 95 (parallel scanner only), Windows 98, or Windows 2000 (USB scanner only) operating systems. HP recommends that you return the scanner and purchase a scanner that is compatible with your system. Note See Scanner installation (page 3) for installation instructions on the parallel or USB interface. Software Troubleshooting Use the steps below to address problems related to the installation of your scanner software. If the installation program ran completely: Run the HP Scanning Software to determine what the scanner is doing. 1 If the software does not find the scanner, make sure the power connections are secure by checking the following components: • Make sure the p .....
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