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    2 2 2 2 2 Connecting the Printer to Your Computer You can use the HP DeskJet 340 printer with a PC or a Macintosh computer. You need to make sure, however, that you have the correct printer cable for your computer. Use a parallel printer cable (the cable is not supplied with the printer) to connect the printer to a PC. Connect one end of the printer cable to the port on the side of the printer and the other end to the printer port of your PC. You must use the special Mac Adapter cable to connect the HP DeskJet 340 printer to your Macintosh computer. If the cable has not been packaged with your printer, you must purchase one from Hewlett-Packard or an Apple reseller (see “Supplies and Accessories,” for part numbers). Connect one end of the Mac Adapter cable to the printer and the other end to either a modem or printer port on the computer. Note You cannot connect the printer to an AppleTalk network. Connecting the Power Adapter The multivoltage power adapter can be used throughout the world, with voltages that range from 100 to 240 volts AC, at either 50 or 60 Hz. 1 Attach the power cord to the power adapter. Plug the other end of the cord into an AC outlet. 2 Plug the power adapter connector firmly into the printer’s power socket. Installing the Print Cartridge You can install either a black print cartridge or a color print cartridge. 1 Press the Power button to turn the printer on. 2 Open the access door and press the Change Cartridge button once. The Change Cartridge light blinks, and the print cartridge cradle moves to the center of the printer. 3 Remove the tape from the print cartridge. Be careful not to touch the ink nozzles and the copper ribbon. + 2 Getting Started US Eng 8/28/96, 1:19 PM 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 Place the print cartridge into the cradle, with the green arrow on the cartridge top pointing toward the printer. Be careful not to slide the print cartridge against the back of the cradle. A sliding motion can damage the electrical contacts on the print cartridge cradle. 5 Push the top of the print cartridge forward, snapping it into place. 6 Press the Change Cartridge button once and close the access door. The print cartridge cradle returns to the “home” position and the Change Cartridge light goes off. Note Be sure to use only recommended HP print cartridges with the HP DeskJet 340 printer. With an incorrect cartridge, the print cartridge cradle will move back to the loading position, and the Change Cartridge light will continue to blink. See “Supplies and Accessories” for ordering information. Printing in Color To print in color you need a HP Color Kit. This contains: • an HP .....
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