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    NOTE: The information in this manual is subject to change without notice. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this manual. TRADEMARK ACKNOWLEDGEMENT VGA and XGA are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation. APPLE and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. VESA is a trademark of a nonprofit organization, Video Electronics Standard Association. All brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. ‫ݧ‬Ȉ! ᴀ᠟‫ݙⱘݠ‬ᆍ೼᳾㒣ᦤ⼎ⱘᚙ‫މ‬ϟӮ᳝ᬍࡼDŽࠊ䗴ଚ䅸Ўᇍৃ㛑ߎ⦄Ѣᴀ᠟‫ݠ‬Ёⱘ䫭䇃ϡᡓᢙ䋳䋷DŽ ଚᷛ䅸ৃ 9*$੠;*$ᰃ,%0݀ৌⱘ⊼‫ݠ‬ଚᷛDŽ $33/(੠0DFLQWRVKᰃ$SSOH&RPSXWHU݀ৌⱘ⊼‫ݠ‬ଚᷛDŽ 9(6$ᰃ䴲㧹߽㒘㒛㾚乥⬉ᄤᷛ‫ޚ‬णӮⱘଚᷛDŽ ᠔᳝ક⠠៪ѻકৡ⿄ᰃ݊Ⳍᑨᣕ᳝㗙ⱘଚᷛ៪⊼‫ݠ‬ଚᷛDŽ ຝȈ! ‫ם֫ء‬ऱփ୲‫آڇ‬ᆖ༼‫ق‬ऱൣउՀᄎ‫ޏڶ‬೯Ζ፹ທ೸ᎁ੡ኙ‫ױ‬౨‫נ‬෼࣍‫ם֫ء‬խऱᙑᎄլࢭᖜ૤ຂΖ! ೸ᑑᎁ‫!ױ‬ WHBࡉYHBਢJCNֆ‫׹‬ऱု‫ם‬೸ᑑΖ! BQQMFࡉNbdjouptiਢBqqmf!Dpnqvufsֆ‫׹‬ऱု‫ם‬೸ᑑΖ! WFTBਢॺᛜ‫ิܓ‬៣.ီ᙮ሽ՗ᑑᄷ࠰ᄎऱ೸ᑑΖ! ࢬ‫ڶ‬঴ྨࢨข঴‫ټ‬ጠਢࠡઌᚨ਍‫ृڶ‬ऱ೸ᑑࢨု‫ם‬೸ᑑΖ! ENGLISH 1 USER'S MANUAL Thank you very much for purchasing the HITACHI LCD Television. Before using your television, please carefully read the "SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS" and this "USER'S MANUAL" so you will know how to operate the television properly. Keep this manual in a safe place. You will find it useful in the future. Notes on lnstallation Work: This product is marketed assuming that it is installed by qualifed personnel with enough skill and competence. Always have an installation specialist or your dealer install and set up the product. HITACHI cannot assume liabilities for damage caused by mistake in installation or mounting, misuse, modification or a natural disaster. Note for Dealers: After installation, be sure to deliver this manual to the customer and explain to the customer how to handle the product. 2 Important Please read this User's Manual thoroughly, especially the Safety Instructions on Page 4 to 8. Mis-use may cause damage to your LCD television, which could shorten its lifespan, or cause injury to yourself. Should you encounter any difficulty in the set-up or operation of your television, firstly refer to the Troubleshooting guide at the rear of this manual. In the unlikely event of a problem occurring with .....
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