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    4216 44175 78H 54H 77H 49H 75H 68H 4994 4995 44027 4324 Dip Tube 43055 Hozelock Limited, Midpoint Park, Birmingham B76 1AB England Tel: 0870 850 1959 33670-000 liquid will be forced from the joints. E TRIGGER CONTROL TAP To replace these washers, unscrew the cap from the bottom of the tap body. Pull clear the spring and shuttle. Before renewing the shuttle washers, wash the shuttle and tap body thoroughly in water. Grease the washers lightly before you reassemble. F OUTLET AND DIP TUBE To rewasher the outlet or replace the dip tube unscrew the hose nut and pull the outlet spigot and dip tube through the outlet body. G WINTER USE Drain liquid from all parts after use to prevent damage from freezing. H ANNUAL MAINTENANCE At least once a year, thoroughly clean the whole sprayer and grease all moving parts. Test with water and if any washer or seal has perished, replace. USER GUARANTEE Hozelock Limited guarantee this sprayer against any defect arising from faulty materials or workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase, provided that it has only been used in accordance with these instructions. The guarantee is limited to the repair or replacement of any defective or faulty item. Proof of purchase must be retained. This guarantee is in addition to and in no way detracts from your statutory rights as a consumer. SERVICE ADVICE AND SPARES In case of difficulty write to:- CONSUMER SERVICES DEPARTMENT HOZELOCK LTD Midpoint Park, Birmingham B76 1AB. England. or telephone 0870 850 1959 quoting model number Due to our policy of continuous product improvement designs may change without notice REPLACEMENT PARTS LIST SPARES PARTS PUMP - Complete 4324 Plunger complete with ‘O’ Ring Head 44027 Pump Barrel 4994 Adaptor 4995 CONTAINER with Outlet and Air Pressure Release Valve 44175 Dip Tube 5L 43055 Air Pressure Release Valve 68H Outlet complete 75H Hose Nut Set 76H HOSE - PVC/2m Clear 4216 Lance Handle 77H Dual Operation Tap 54H WASHERS - Complete set 56H Spray Head complete 78H 56H FAULT FINDING CHART Fault May be due to: Remedy: Weak or no spray 1. Insufficient pressure or 1. If insufficient pressure loss of air check Maintenance Hints B, C and D. 2. Obstruction 2. If obstruction, check Maintenance Hints F and G Tap leaks 1. Build up of sediment Check Maintenance or foreign matter on Hints E and if necessary internal sealing surfaces replace sealing rings 2. Split sealing rings Tap will not function Swelling of sealing rings Check Maintenance or total blockage Hints E Handle rises Faulty non-return valve Check Maintenance Hint C 4216 44175 78H 54H 77H 49H 75H 68H 4994 4995 44027 4324 Dip Tube 4 .....
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