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    NOTE: Smaller diameter hoses 13mm (1/2”) and 19mm (3/4”) can be used by fitting an outlet adaptor either directly on the chamber of the pump or ‘T’ Piece Adaptor. 2. Route the hose back to the waterfall. NON-SUBMERSIBLE INSTALLATIONS -5500 ONLY 1. Cascade pumps can be operated out of the pond. In this case the pump should ideally be positioned below the water level to avoid having to re-prime every time the pump is started (see fig. 2). If the pump is not positioned below the water level, a non-return valve (not supplied) should be fitted to the end of the inlet hose left in the pond. 2. Remove the filter from the pump. 3. Fit a suitable length of 38mm (11/2”) bore hose on to the inlet boss of the pump using a suitable worm-drive clip. 4. Connect a hose to the outlet of the pump for the waterfall, as previously described. 5. To prime the pump create a “U” loop with the hose ends and pour water down the waterfall outlet hose until the system is full. (If a non-return valve is fitted place the suction end straight into the pond making sure air does not enter). NOTE: A suitable filter should be fitted to the inlet hose to prevent dirt, debris and small fish being sucked into the inlet hose. 6. Route the outlet hose to the waterfall. MAINTENANCE The Hozelock Cyprio range of Cascade pumps have been designed to allow fast, easy maintenance. As with all pumps of its kind occasionally it will become necessary to clean the inlet filter and fountain head spray ring. ALWAYS ISOLATE ELECTRICITY SUPPLY. CAUTION: PUMPS BECOME HOT. ALLOW TO COOL IN WATER BEFORE DISMANTLING FOUNTAIN HEAD 1. Place a coin or similar in the slot and gently lever off the fountain head. 2. Rinse in clean water and reassemble. FILTER 1. Holding the pump in one hand, press down the retaining clip on the filter cover and pull away from the main body. 2. Wash/rinse with clean water - re-assemble. If the pump is to be stored over winter or needs dismantling for any reason, proceed in the following manner (see fig. 3). 1. Remove the filter as described above. 2. Release the pump chamber by rotating it clockwise until the three bayonet lugs are clear from the sockets. 3. Gently pull the pump chamber squarely away from the main body. 4. Pull the rotor assembly out of the pump body. If necessary a screwdriver can be used in the slots provided to lever the rotor assembly away from the pump body. (Further dismantling of rotor is unnecessary). 5. Clean out all components in clean water. DO NOT USE DETERGENTS OR OTHER CHEMICAL CLEANERS. 6. Place the rotor assembly into the pump body ensuring the four holes in the front bearing plate locate .....
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