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    The pump is electrically operated and is designed to pump solid particles up to 8mm in diameter with minimal pre-strainer maintenance. These types of pumps are particularly suitable for pumping water to external filters or for use in high flow waterfalls or water course applications where low maintenance is important. The pump does not use oil or grease for lubrication and can be used safely in ponds containing fish or plants. The motor consists of a sealed stator and water-cooled rotor. All electrical components are isolated from the water. WARNING: SAFETY AND ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS. 1. The pump is supplied with 10m of 3 core electric cable which is permanently connected and sealed to the motor. The supply cable cannot be replaced. If the cable is damaged, the pump should be discarded. This product is designed to be permanently wired to the mains supply in a dry weatherproof enclosure through a Double-Pole Switched Fused Spur - with a minimum contact gap of 3mm - (Disconnector) to BS 3676 - Fitted with a 3 or 5 Amp fuse. The installation must conform to the regulations of the National and Local wiring regulations which could include the use of plastic or metal conduit to protect the cable. 2. A 10mA or 30mA Residual Current Device (RCD) Must be fitted to the mains supply. 3. WARNING: This appliance must be earthed and it is essential that the connections are made using the following code; Brown - Live Blue - Neutral Green/Yellow - Earth The BROWN lead should be connected to the LIVE terminal which may be marked with an ‘L’ or coloured brown or red. The BLUE lead should be connected to the NEUTRAL terminal which may be marked with an ‘N’ or coloured blue or black. The GREEN/YELLOW lead should be connected to the EARTH terminal which may be marked with an ‘E’ ( ) or coloured green or green/yellow. 4. If an extension cable is required, this should be connected to the end of the pump cable using a weatherproof cable connector. The joint must be positioned in a suitable dry housing. The extension cable should be of 3 core 0.75mm2 Polychloroprene rubber insulated cable (ref: HO5 RN-F) and permanently wired to the mains supply with a 3 or 5 Amp fuse. 5. The pump cable (and extension cable) should be positioned and adequately protected against damage especially where contact with gardening equipment, (lawn mowers, forks etc..) children and domestic animals may occur. 6. Consult a qualified electrician or local authority if in any doubt about wiring to the mains supply. 7. The maximum head values of these pumps are: Titan 5500 - 3.8m, Titan 8000 - 4.0m. IMPORTANT 1. WARNING: Always unplug or disconn .....
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