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Huawei Ascend Y550



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    iii 48 Installing an application 48 Sharing an application 49 Uninstalling an application 49 Clearing the application cache Phone Manager 50 Optimizing the system 51 Power manager 51 Harassment filter Backup, restoration, and update 53 Backing up data to the local storage 53 Restoring data from the local storage 54 Restoring factory settings 54 Online update Tools 55 Calendar 55 Clock 57 Weather Phone settings 59 Turning on or turning off airplane mode 59 Adjusting the screen brightness 59 Modifying tone settings 60 Modifying display settings 61 Turning on or turning off do not disturb mode 61 Setting the date and time 62 Changing the system language 62 Setting the PIN of your SIM card Legal Notice Note Highlights important information and tips, and provides additional information. Caution Indicates potential problems that may arise, such as device damage or data loss, if the proper care or attention is not given. Warning Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in serious injury. 1 Foreword Foreword Thank you for choosing the HUAWEI Ascend Y550 smartphone! This guide introduces you to the features and functions of your new phone. Also included are safety precautions you should be aware of, so please read this guide first before you begin using your new phone. Symbols and definitions .....
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