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    (6) (9) (11) (12) (13) (14) The Reverb. FX- and Master Section of the ATS 120 An ACCUTRONICS spring system is used to produce the reverb effect in the ATS 120. The quality of a reverb unit depends largely on the length and number of springs used; this genuine Accutronics unit generates a warm, realistic effect for the ATS 120 by having three particularly long springs. Increasing the degree of distortion on an overdriven sound will tend to make it more sensitive to reverb; in other words, too much reverb can easily swamp the sound. For this reason, the reverb effect is differently tuned for each of the three channels. When you change channels, you will not need to alter the reverb setting to achieve a similar-sounding effect. (11) REVERB: controls the amount of tuned reverb for CLEAN, CRUNCH and LEAD. (12) FX-MIX: determines the relative volumes of the original sound and the signal from an external effects unit connected to the effects loop. DRY= only original signal; FX= only processed signal. Intermediate setting allow the proportions of original and processed signals to be balanced as desired. TIP: If no external unit is connected up, the FX-MIX control can be used in conjunction with the ATS STAGEBOARD (optional) to set up an alternative master volume setting. This can then be called up using the ATS Stageboard. PROGRAMMING A SECOND MASTER VOLUME SETTING: select the channel or channels for which you wish to program an alternative volume setting. This is done by turning the appropriate FX-SELECT switch or switches to the ON position (there are 3 located on the rear panel of the ATS 120). Activate the EXT.FX function on the ATS Stageboard. Set the desired volume level using the FX-MIX control. By turning the EXT. FX switch ON/OFF, you can now cycle between the two different master volume settings. (13) MASTER: controls the overall volume of the ATS 120. (14) MAINS: power on/off switch. When switched on, the red LED arrow will be illuminated. (15) / (16) / (17) (18) (19) The rear panel on the ATS 120 (15) MAINS LEAD SOCKET point for connecting the euro mains lead included with your amplifier. (16) FUSE: safety holder for the mains fuse (AT 1250mA). The fuse holder can be removed by depressing its fixings on both sides. The fuse can then be changed. (17) VOLTAGE SELECTOR, 220-240 VOLTS: on all European models, the ATS 120 can be set to operate on either a 220 or 240 volt supply by rotating the insert incorporated in the fuse holder. The value visible in the fuse holder‘s window is the one which is operative. Models for North America and Japan are equipped at the factory with different transformers whi .....
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