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Hughes & Kettner 

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    b 6 18 0 18 G&Ill VOICE BITE VOLUME REVERB MISTER (33 (6) 0 (8) (9) (10) MASTERSFCTION: An Accutronics spring unit is used to generate the reverb effect in the ATS Sixty. The quality of a reverb is largely dependent on the lenght and number of springs used: the unit used in the Sixty contains three particulary long springs which make the Sixty‘s effect deep and natural sounding. Clean sounds require more reverb to produce the same special impression as corresponding overdriven sounds. Distortion sounds, on the other hand, are sensitive to reverb: too much effect swamps them and makes them unclear. For these reasons, the reverb unit is tuned differently for each of the two channels; no change is required when swapping channels. (9) REVERB: The reverb control determines the amount of reverb applied to the CLEAN and OVERDRIVE channel. (10) MASTER: Master sets the power to the amp on or off. (“on” is indicated by the red LED). (11) MAINS: Switches the power to the amp On or Off. ( “on” is indicated by the red LED ). THF RFAR PANEL OF THE ATS SIXTY VOLTAGE SELECTOR SWITCH: European model: 220 - 240 V / USA /Japanese model: 110 - 120 V HEADPHONES: Socket for headphonesignal passes a special filter circuitry which adds the destinctive guitar cab sound characteristic. FUSE: Mains Fuse 625 mA slo-blo 4 THF RFAR PANFI OF THF ATS SIXTY LINE OUT: Line level output to feed extern poweramps, a Hughes & Kettner RED BOX etc. EFFECT LOOP:Effect path for extem effect devices. Connect FX SEND to the INPUT and F’X RETURN to the output of rhe effect unit. FOOTSWITCH: A standard on-off footswitch connected to this socket will switch between the CLEAN and the TUBE OVERDRIVE channel. ATS SIXTY SCHEMATIC DIAGRAMM EFFECT DEVICE / aa3 B8M li11001 INPUT OUTPUT t 1 FX SEND FX RETURN LINE OUT I I I FOOTSWITCH &zLl70 SPEAKER CABINET PA / TAPE ATS SIXTY SOUND EXAMPL ES 1. ‘VINTAGE COMBO- CLEAN SOUND I-.__ Classical "Tweed Sound” with "Soft Click”. Specially tuned for single coil pickups. 2. ‘MODERN ULTRA CLEAN" less GAIN: BASS and MID in 12 o'clock position The tone gets sheer, shimmering and absolutely clean. 3. "STRAT CREAM LEAD’ __-- ~~~__..__ ____~____ Full GAIN (MID BOOST is activated), VOICE and B I T E controls set on 2. 4. ‘HUMBUCKER’S BLUES LEAD Supports the dynamic range of classical humbucker guitars. 5. ‘MODERN HEAVY GUITAR Crisp Clean for ballads (single coils!),mighty powerchords and fat leadtone on the overdrive channel (humhuckcrs). 6 .....
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