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    Congratulations on your choice, the Hughes & Kettner BassBase 250! The BassBase 250 was designed by a group of musicians and technicians to meet the needs of the professional bass player. Superb tonal characteristics and sophisticated features define the Bassbase 250 as a professional bass amplification system. Both the compact, easily transportable combo and the elegant head versions of the Bassbase 250 are at home on stage and, thanks to sophisticated signal routing possibilities, in the studio. The Basebass 250 is available as a combo or an amp head. The amplifiers are identical in both versions, with the exception that the combo comes with a speaker. Sound quality through tube technology. The Bassbase 250’s preamp is constructed utilizing the classic ECC 83 tube. This tube is responsible for a lively, dynamic bass tone through it’s innate compression characteristics and carefully dosed upper frequency range. The basic tone of tube technology is most convincing; from a dark warm jazz tone through to an articulate, punchy rock sound, down to the high attack of funk, the Bassbase 250 can do it all. Carefully balanced tone controls with a parametric midrange. The four tone controls enable you to quickly and efficiently dial in your own basic tonal characteristics and allow for dramatic modifications to suit your needs. The midrange of the musical spectrum is paramount to a good baas sound therefore, the Bassbase 250’s midrange can be adjusted parametrically. 250 Watts of dynamic power with "DynaClip". Bass amplification demands a great deal of power. The explosive dynamics created when you play with a heavy attack drive conventional bass amps to the limits of clean sound reproduction. Annoying distortion, apart from endangering the speakers, restricts the output potential. The Bassbase 250’s newly developed "DYNACLIP" circuitry suppresses the distortion created through dynamic peaks without limiting the dynamic spectrum. 1 Specially developed 10” speakers in the combo version. Two speakers developed specifically for the Bassbase 250 ensure a powerful, percussive reproduction of the amp’s output, replete with precise transient response. Additional tweeter for upper frequency response. An additional tweeter provides transparent highs and accurate harmonic reproduction. Ergonomic, back lit front panel controls. The front panel controls are- arranged for maximum accessibility and simplicity. Potentiometers, function permitting, are center notched for a “memory effect”. Back lighting provides for visibility on even the darkest stages. The Bassbase 250 was engineered to provide you with the o .....
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