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    BASSBASE 400 - MANUAL 1 .O CONNECTIONS AND CONTROL FEATURES SIGNAL LED: Indicates the presence of an instrument signal at the tube stage. -10 db SWITCH: Lowers the BASSBASE'S input impedance (e.g. for active instruments). DIRECT: Press this button to send the original instrument signal (unaffected by gain settings, voicing controls, FX loop and notch filter) directly to the DI OUT jack, at MIC level. GROUND LIFT: Removes the ground from the chassis at the DI OUT jack. I,/’ ,_‘. ,/,’ GRND DIR 0 0 -10 dB 0 CLIP LED: Indicates all types of clipping in the BASSBASE’s preamp (including post-EQ section and FX loop distortion). In other words, an illuminated CLIP LED does not necessarily mean the GAIN control is set too high, it may also indicate the FX signal level is not adjusted properly. TUBE SATURATION LED: Indicates the preamp is in tube overdrive mode. MUTE: Switches all of the BASSBASE 400’s outputs except for the TUNER OUT off. Use this button for breaks between sets, switching instruments, or when tuning. The RED MUTE LED will illuminate to indicate the amp is muted. DI OUT: Use this jack to send signals to a mixing console or additional power amp. INPUT - Connect your bass to this jack. CAIN: Controls the input sensitivity and drive level of the BASSBASE preamp. BASS: This EQ control defines the bottom end. At the 12 o’clock position, the signal remains completely unaffected. 0 10 -5 -5 +5 -15 +15 FREQ HZ LEVEL dB t TREBLE: Use this control to adjust the high end, particularly the sizzle and overtone range. FREQ HZ: Defines the center frequency for the VARIMETRIC - EQ's LOW RANGE section. Please refer to Section 3.2! LEVEL: This control adjusts the level of the frequency you selected via the FREQ HZ control. Turn clockwise to increase, counter-clockwise to decrease. BASSBASE 400 - M A N U A L Red VARIMETRIC LED: Illuminates to indicate the VARIMETRIC EQ is active. FX LOOP ON: Press this button to activate the E parallel F X loop BASSBASE 400’s DYNACLIP LED: Illuminates when the DYNACLIP power amp circuit is active. DYNACLIP eliminates undesirable power amp distortion and provides 20% additional headroom in comparison with conventional power amps. , VARIMETRIC ON: Green FX LED: Activates the Indicates the FX VARIMETRIC EQ. loop is active. NOTCH FILTER: This adjustable, extremely narrow-band filter is not used for normal sound- shaping, but to suppress specific stage and room resonances (e.g. a stage floor’s sympathetic vibrations). PROTECT LED: Illuminates when one of the power amp circuit breakers has tripped. Inadequate ventilation, a short circuit in the SPEAKER OUTS or direct cur .....
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