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Hughes & Kettner 

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    HOME 1 0 0 - W AT T B A S S C O M B O Max. power consumption 180 VA CAUTION! TO PREVENT THE RISK OF FIRE AND SHOCK HAZARD DON´T EXPOSE THIS APPLIANCE TO MOISTURE OR RAIN.DO NOT OPEN CASE; NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. MADE IN ST. WENDEL / GERMANY 50 - 60 Hz LEAVE ENOUGH SPACE FOR PROPER VENTILATION! REAR PANEL MAY BECOME TO HOT TO TOUCH! 230 V~ T 1 A 100 V~ T 2 A 117 V~ SB 2000 mA FUSE FX Devices Mixing Console LINE OUT SEND RETURN Phones 1 0 0 - W AT T B A S S C O M B O TECHNICAL DATA PREAMP SECTION: Bass frequency: 70 Hz, +10/-10 dB, active Mid frequency: 400/1000 Hz, + 6 / - 10 dB, passive Treble frequency: 15 kHz, +14/-10 dB, passive INPUTS Input - 10 dB; 1 M ohm FX Return - 10 dB; 47 k ohms OUTPUTS FX Send: - 10 dB; 220 ohms Line Out: 0 dB; 220 ohms POWERAMP DYNACLIP bipolar solid state power amp: 100 watts into 4 ohms Slew rate 10 V/µ s Frequency response 10 Hz - 20 kHz (-3dB/+ 0 dB) PHONES 500 mW into 4-600 ohms Internal Speaker 100 watts, 4 ohms, 15” Hughes & Kettner Custom GENERAL FEATURES Voltage: 230 V (for Europe) 117 V (for North America) 100 V (for Eastern Asia) max. Power consumption: 80 VA (8 ohms) Mains fuse: sb 250 mA (230 V-model) sb 500 mA (117 V-model) sb 630 mA (100 V-model) Dimensions, L x H x D: 496 x 547 x 420 mms Weight: 24 kgs. We reserve the right to modify specifications in response to new technical developments. HOME 1.0 CONNECTIONS AND CONTROLS INPUT: Connect active or passive basses to this jack. GAIN: Controls the input sensitivity of the BassForce preamp. Use it to dial in a level suitable for the output level of the bass you have connected. Higher gain settings produce punchier tone well-suited to rock styles. BASS: This active voicing control defines the bottom end. At a setting of 12 o’clock, the signal remains completely unaf- fected. MID: Determines how much the mid-range frequencies are boosted or cut. TREBLE: Use this control to adjust the high end, i.e. dial in over- tones or add a cutting edge to the tone. To give your BassForce a warmer tone, we placed this pot in the circuit right after the input stage, so it also has some influence over preamp saturation. MASTER: Controls the stage volume of the BassForce. It does not however influence the output level of the LINE OUT jack. FX- SEND: Connect this output to the input of your effects devi- ce. FX- RETURN: Connect the output of your effects device to this jack. LINE OUT: Output of the BassForce preamp. Connect it to a mixer or power amp. This output is post-EQ section—in other words, the settings of the tone knobs influence this signal; the MASTER vo .....
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