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    BASSKICK-MANUAL hlka!k 1 .O CONNECTIONS AND CONTROL FEATURES GAIN: Controls the input sensitivity of the BassKick’s preamp, enabling you to adjust it to match your instrument’s output level. SATURATION LED: Indicates the BassKick’s prearnp is being overdriven. For ultra-clean sounds, set the GAIN control so that this f&ASWl#?z Defines the BassKick’s stage volume; the LINE OUT jack’s output signal remains unaffected by Higher gain settings produce punchy rock sounds. SOUNDMATRIX: Use this rotary pot to dial in diverse basic sounds. LED does not illuminate. MID FREQ: Use this knob to select the mid-range frequency you want to tune. The frequency you select via this control is then modified by any adjustment you make via the MID LEVEL control. this control. The DYNACLIP power amp circuitry kicks in at higher volume levels, adding some “tube growl” to your bass tone. PHONES: Pfug your headphones into this jack. The BassKick's speaker output circuit is muted automatically when this jack is accessed. TREBLE: Controls the upper frequencies and subsequently the crispness and overtone content in your bass sound. For a warmer sound, this control is situated right after the input stage in the signal chain. In other words, it also influences traditional basses featuring passive pickups and circuitry to this input. remains active. frequency is boosted or tapered. MAINS: AC power switch 4 SPEAKERS: Use this output to connect external speakers/cabinets. Ensure the overall impedance is not lower than 4 ohms. For the combo version, you can connect one 8 ohm cabinet, and for the head, a maximum of two 8 ohm speaker cabinets in parallel. FX RETUIRN: Connect this jack to the FX processor’s OUTPUT jack. FX SEND: Connect this jack to the FX processor’s INPUT jack. MAINS SOCKET: Connect the included Euro-norm mains cable to this socket. The fuse bracket is integrated in the socket; ensure you use specified replacement fuses only! LINE OUT: Use this balanced output to send signals to a mixing console or additional power amp. The signal routed to this jack is affected by the voicing section but not the MASTER control. I FOOTSWITCH: Connect a standard footswitch here to remotely switch the SOUNDMATRIX function located on the front panel. BASSKICK-MANUAL + ..,,4=% 2.0 STANDARD SETUP /CABLE CONNECTIONS Mixing Console ILINE OUT FOOTSWITCH El t MATRIX ON/OFF FX Devices t1 SEND RETURN 3.0 OPERATING THE BASSKICK 505/507 3.1 THE SOUNDMATRIX The SOUNDMATRIX is a new type of sound filtering system that lets you dial in diverse basic tonal settings while ensuring the frequency response is always musical. Additionally, i .....
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