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    HOME ENGLISH DEUTSCH FRANÇAIS ITALIANO ESPAÑOL MODE FX-UNIT RED BOX LINE OUT LINE IN IN OUT INPUT FOOTSWITCH FS-2 LINE OUT PHONES CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING THE HUGHES & KETTNER TRIPLEX AMP! Men and women with a mission, our team of guitarists and engineers developed the TRIPLEX with the goal of putting a powerful musical tool into your hands: an amp that is easy to handle, delivers top-notch tone, and gives you features that make musical sense in the real world. The TRIPLEX is the ideal workhorse for demanding guitarists who want an amp that provides a broad range of great sounds and the essential effects in an all-in-one package. Its efficient Current Feedback power amp not only pumps out 50 watts of power, it also delivers the sought-after characteristics of vacuum tubes. The Celestion® RockDriver Junior 12” speaker is a key component in the signal chain and the quality tone that distinguishes this amp. Delivering vintage-style sound, the speaker's efficiency is also remarkable. Equipped with these high-quality components, your TRIPLEX is far louder than other amps bearing the same output rating. With an ingenious on-board digital effects section, the TRIPLEX allows you to dial in all the essential effects, quickly and without a lot of fuss. In designing the processing section, we focused on implementing pure, crystal-clear effects of the highest quality rather than everything-but-the-kitchen combinations of cheesy, cheap -sounding presets. In terms of tone, versatility and fine features, the TRIPLEX delivers the goods on stage, in the studio and in rehearsal rooms. Designed for easy, intuitive handling, the TRIPLEX is a true plug & play amp. In no time at all, you'll be dialing in the sounds you've always wanted to have at your disposal. This operating manual points out the amp's many interesting aspects, so you can effortlessly make the most of the possibilities and features of the TRIPLEX. WE WISH YOU A LOT OF FUN AND SUCCESS WITH YOUR NEW TRIPLEX! BEFORE POWERING UP... • Check that the local current and the amp's AC power rating are identical before you plug the power cord into an AC outlet. • Ensure that air can circulate freely around your amp's ventilation ducts. • Place the amp on a stable platform where it is not exposed to mechanical shocks and temperature extremes which may damage the amp or endanger the safety of bystanders. • Hughes & Kettner is not liable for damages due to improper use. HOME 1.0 CHANNELS The TRIPLEX features a newly developed preamp that not only produces authentic harmonic overdrive but also responds dynamically to your picking style. Ba .....
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