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    2 Z-BOARD MANUAL 1. PLUGGING IN Do not switch your amp on. Plug the 9-pin connector into the corresponding port on your amp. Ensure that the VOLUME pedal is floored. This will spare you unnecessary troubleshooting a little later. Switch your amp on. 2. HANDLING 2.1 BASICS The range of functions that the Z-Board puts at your disposal depends on the given model and software version of your Hughes & Kettner amp. Not all models and versions support all functions described in this owner’s manual. If you are in any doubt as to which functions you can control remotely, please consult the owner’s manual of your amp. 2.2 THE 2 MODES The Z-Board works in 2 different modes, PRESET MODE and MODE 2 (effect mode). You can switch between these two modes using the MODE 2 button. In PRESET MODE, you can activate presets that have been programmed on the amp. BANK UP/DOWN accesses the next higher or lower sound bank (for the record, a bank consists of a group of five presets). Once you have selected the desired bank, the 1/6 to 5/10 buttons let you call up the presets of that bank. In MODE 2, you can activate and deactivate effects. The PEDAL ASSIGN button lets you assign individual parameters of your amp to the WAH WAH pedal. This lets you control the given parameter in real time. Beyond that, in this mode the BANK UP/DOWN buttons serve as PRESET UP/DOWN buttons, meaning that they let you switch to the next higher or lower preset. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PURCHASE OF A HUGHES & KETTNER Z-BOARD The Z-Board gives you remote control over of the essential functions of your Hughes & Kettner digital amp in gig situations. In addition to a volume and a wah-wah pedal, it is equipped with a switching section featuring an array of buttons. This section works in two different modes. Set to Preset mode, it lets you access presets that you have programmed on your amp. Mode 2 lets you switch various effects off and on. The Tap Tempo feature lets you enter and vary delay time with your foot and the Tuner function puts a digital tuning device at your disposal. The rugged Z-Board comes in a robust chassis designed to withstand the rigors of the road and stage. Not only is its design durable, its smart visuals boast that classy look you have come to expect of a Hughes & Kettner product. HERE’S HOPING YOU HAVE LOTS OF FUN MAKING MUSIC WITH YOUR Z-BOARD! CONTENT 1. PLUGGING IN 2. HANDLING 2.1 BASICS 2.2 THE 2 MODES 2.3 CONTROL FEATURES ZBOARD Manu 1.0 16.05.2001 16:38 Uhr Seite 2 3 Z-BOARD MANUAL ENGLISH 3 3 2.3 CONTROL FEATURES VOLUME You can control the master volume level (and possibly the pre-effect section channel volume, dependi .....
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