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    We are pleased you chose the CF 200 power amplifier. Its innovative CURRENT FEEDBACK circuitry is the ideal medium for the modern guitar rack. The CF 200 is equally suitable for PA, monitor, and keyboard applications. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES PRIOR TO OPERATING THE CF 200: l The European model’s voltage can be adjusted from 220 V to 240 V. l To avoid overheating, ensure sufficient air circulation is available both at the sides and to the rear of the CF 200. l Do not install any units sensitive to heat, for instance effects processors, directly above the CF 200. l Never expose the CF 200 to climatic extremes and ensure the amp is always protected from moisture. l To protect your speakers, always switch the CF 200’5 power on last. l Service and repair work should be left to an authorized repair shop. Before opening the housing, always ensure the mains power cable is unplugged! FRONT PANEL CONTROL FEATURES ( 1 ) The VOLUME LEFT and VOLUME RIGHT knobs regulate input sensitivity and subsequently the power output. In the BRIDGE MODE, only the right control is activated. The green -20 db LED ( 2 ) indicates the signal level at the respective input is correctly adjusted. The red CLIP LED ( 3 ) denotes the signal level is too high, and the CF 200 is clipping. Adjust the appropriate VOLUME knob so that the red LED illuminates at impulse peaks only. ( 4 ) GUITAR/PA The GUITAR/PA switch activates the CURRENT FEEDBACK circuitry (GUITAR mode = on, PA = off). The CURRENT FEEDBACK circuitry elicits an amp, producing the type of signal most desirable for guitar amplification. ( 5 ) MAINS: The MAINS power switch illuminates when engaged. page 7 CF 200 al ,_ >’ ,, ,:&. ,:&;, l =y-,,, 1 ,, . ..oL1 . meas I” a, “CA,,.” 0 CLm”rmPTtm.CI mwmw -0 c _~__ ___ _~~ 11 (11(2)(3) (4) REAR PANEL FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS ( 0 ) Prior to plugging the factory-included EUROMAINS CABLE in the AC receptacle off the rear panel, adjust the voltage selector to the correct voltage. ( 7 ) Use a screwdriver to remove the FUSE BRACKET. Ensure replacement fuses hear identical specifications to the originals. The fuse bracket on the European model doubles as a voltage selector. Read the upright value to determine the correct voltage setting. ( 8 ) The GROUND LIFT switch severs the ground to the chassis, eliminating annoying background hum when the power amp is used in conjunction with other equipment. ( 9 ) SPEAKERS Connect speakers to these jacks for stereo operation. When using one speaker cabinet per channel, ensure each speaker has a minimum power rating of 100 watts and an impedance between 4 and 16 ohms. For two sp .....
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