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    Table of Contents Quick Start 1 Controls and Indicators / iP49 Display 2 Getting Started 3 Connect AC adaptor, Install Clock Backup Battery, Charging Internal Battery 4 Setting Up the iP49 5 install iPod/iPhone insert, Setting the Time and Calendar using IPhone/iPod Time Sync Setting Time and Calendar Manually Using the Alarm 6 Setting the Alarm, Review, Arming and Disarming Alarm Resetting the Alarm to Come on the Next Day, Sure Alarm, Snooze/Dimmer Listening to iPod/iPhone 7 Listening to FM Radio 7-8 Setting up the Antenna, Tuning and Playing the Radio Setting FM Radio Frequency/Range to use iP49 in Other Countries Using the Aux Line-In Jack with other Audio Devices, Sleep Timer, Using the Remote auto/on switch 8 A Consumer Guide to Product Safety 9 Troubleshooting 10 • Place the unit on a level surface away from sources of direct sunlight or excessive heat. • Protect your furniture when placing your unit on a natural wood and lacquered finish. A cloth or other protective material should be placed between it and the furniture. • Clean your unit with a soft cloth moistened only with mild soap and water. Stronger cleaning agents, such as Benzine, thinner or similar materials can damage the surface of the unit. Maintenance This product bears the selective sorting symbol for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). This means that this product must be handled pursuant to European Directive 2002/96/EC in order to be recycled or dismantled to minimize its impact on the environment. For further information, please contact your local or regional authorities. Electronic products not included in the selective sorting process are potentially dangerous for the environment and human health due to the presence of hazardous substances. RESETR E SET TESTT E ST 1 iP49 Quick start To open the iP49, grasp the front lid of the unit and gently pull upwards and release into lid rest. To close, pull lid upwards and gently press bottom edge towards rear hinge. 1: Open unit For this iPhone/iPod Use this insert NOTE: If you do not have an insert for your iPhone/iPod, please visit or call iHome toll free at 1-877-446-6301 to purchase one. Select the proper insert for your iPhone or iPod from the table below and place in dock. Gently place iPhone/iPod into dock (iPhone/iPod must not be in a “skin” or case). iPhone/iPod will charge while docked. Press the Button on the iP49 to play your iPhone/iPod. iPod nano 5G insert 18 iPod nano 5G iPod Touch 2G iPod touch 2G insert 16 iPhone 3G Insert 15 iPhone 3G/3GS 4: Time • To use time sync: dock your iPhone/iPod and press the Button. The unit will .....
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