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    Optional user functions (following functions can be enabled or disabled in the programming mode): arming without a code - disarming is only possible with an access code (entry of F1 can be used on JA-60D keypad for this function). If the system is split, then this button can be used for arming of section A. partial (home) arming - detectors addressed to B section will be ignored (except Smoke & Gas detectors). On the JA-60D keypad code F2 can be used for partial arming. If the system is split, then this button can be used for arming of section B. If the control panel was not programmed for partial arming or was not split, this button has no function. door opening - will release electric door lock if connected to the system (PgX or PgY outputs). On the JA-60D keypad, code F3 can be used for this function. panic alarm - if you are under duress, press this button before your code, this will trigger a silent alarm; if the system is armed, it will also disarm. On the JA-60D keypad, code F7 can be used before your code to trigger a panic alarm. F 4 memory reading - indicators and LED display will show where and what happened, press key 4 multiple times to go deeper into the memory. Complete events list including date & time can be viewed using PC with Comlink SW. F 5 new Master Code - after F 5 the current master code must be entered followed by the new one twice. Example: to change Master code from 1234 to 2738 enter: F5 1234 2738 2738 F 6 new User Code - after F 6 the valid master code must be entered, number of the new user code (01 to 14) and then the new user code. To erase any User code completely, set it to 0000 Example: user code number 5 can be entered for combination 6789 while Master code is 2738 entering: F 6 2738 05 6789. F 9 voice message listening - to check the message(s) of the telephone dialer (control panel built in speaker will play all the recorded messages once). F 0 user (programming) mode - entering F 0 Master Code will be confirmed by „U“ on the LED display. The control panel is now in the user mode for bypass setting, system testing, battery replacement, voice dialer programming (if enabled by installer). Entering F 0 Service Code is used by the installer to enter the programming mode. N exit - not completed function code, memory reading, user mode etc. Note: While in the programming mode, you can select that functions , , , F4 and F9 can be used only when followed by a code (Master or User). Acoustic indications and other features of the system can also be customized in the programming mode. Wireless keypad JA-60D can have its own master code and one user code. Both JA-60D codes .....
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