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    JA-80K user manual 4 MKE52401 The service code The service code is a special code designed for a service company. The code allows maintenance technicians system configuration and testing. Note: it can be set by a service technician that by means of a service code it is possible to unset the system to provide full service and maintenance of the system under any circumstances (he will not be able to modify or add user codes). Unsetting the system by the service code can only be enabled with the written agreement of the owner of the system – see 5 15. 1. System setting (arming) There are several ways to set (arm) the system. An unsplit system (51.) • Enter a code (present a card). • On the key-fob, press the button. • If operation without an access code is enabled (54.), you can set (arm) the system by pressing the ABC key. A system with partial setting (arming) (52.) • If operation without an access code is enabled (54.), you only have to press the A button to set section A, the B button to set both sections A and B, or the ABC button to set the entire system. • When the system is only partially set (e.g. only section A), it is possible to extend the proportion of the system armed by pressing the corresponding button (B or ABC). All detectors configured to delayed or next-delayed reactions will provide an exit delay. Thus, you will not need to turn off partial setting first to set the whole system each time you leave the house. Instead, you can perform total setting straight away and the system allows departure through all zones covered by delayed and next delayed detectors. • If operation without an access code is disabled (54.), then pressing the A, B, or ABC key must always be followed by entering an access code (or by presenting an access card). • Key-fob: press for total setting (A + B + C) press to set section A press to set sections A+B JA-80K user manual 13 MKE52401 14.System testing The administrator should test the system monthly. For testing, the control panel should be in operating mode and unset (it can also be in maintenance mode). When in operating mode, the control panel indicates the triggering of a detector, but no alarm can be triggered if the system is unset. We recommend triggering the detectors (zones) one by one and verifying that the triggering is indicated on the keypad display – by displaying the signal type and source. Remote controllers (key-fobs) or panic buttons can be tested in a similar way. Note: some detectors (for example the JA-80P wireless motion detector) are equipped with battery-saving functionality which prevents repetitive triggering in short int .....
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