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    UC-260 Wireless Acoustic Indicator 2 / 2 MFI51300 Doorbell mode After pressing a doorbell button, the UC-260 will play a selected melody. Different melodies can be chosen for each button, if desired. If you want to change a melody, enter the programming mode (See Adding components) and press the button until a desired melody is selected. Detector chime mode If an enrolled detector is triggered, the UC-260 will play a chosen melody. The melody can be changed if desired (See Adding components). A detector enrolled to the UC-260 can be enrolled to a JA-60 or JA-65 security control panel too. For example, this way a wireless door detector can activate a chime with the UC-260 and at the same time it can trigger an alarm system. Note: JA-60P motion detector uses a special sleeping mode feature (can be set to 5 min. or 1 min.). Therefore it cannot detect more frequent movements in a covered area. Wireless siren mode If a control panel is enrolled to a UC-260, the UC-260’s light indicator copies the status of the PgY control panel output. If an alarm is triggered, the siren of the UC-260 sounds. Also an exit and entrance delay can be indicated. The exit and entrance delay can be set in two ways: 1. When a control panel is enrolled and one beep is heard, than both exit and entrance delays will be performed regardless of the control panel’s setting. 2. When two beeps are heard, the UC-260 copies the control panel’s setting of the exit and entrance delays. You can toggle between these two settings each time you enroll the control panel to the UC-260 (entering 299 code while in the service mode). Alarm mode The UC-260 can be used as a simple stand-alone wireless alarm. This mode can be combined with the doorbell mode too. In order to set the alarm mode enter the programming mode first. Then press and hold both buttons of RC-11 for 3 sec. This RC-11 will be than used for arming and disarming the alarm. You can add more remote controls later. Up to 8 detectors, remote controls or doorbell buttons can be used in an alarm mode. Controlling the alarm If you press the A button of the remote control, you will arm the alarm. For delayed JA-60 detectors, a 15 seconds exit delay will be allowed. Beeping can optionally indicate an exit delay. If you press the B button of the remote control, you will disarm the system. If you activate a detector set to a delayed mode when the alarm is armed, you will hear entrance delay beeping (15 sec.) first. If the alarm is not disarmed with in this period the siren will go off for 3 minutes. You can stop the siren by pressing the B button of the remote control. Exit and Entrance dela .....
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