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    2 INSTALLATION WARNINGS AND TIPS THANK YOU for choosing a JBL CS Series subwoofer enclosure. These products have been designed to deliver great bass performance from a compact, easily installed enclosure. To get the best performance from your enclosure, we strongly recommend that installation be entrusted to a qualified professional. Although these instructions explain how to install your product in a general sense, they do not show specific installation methods that may be required for your particular vehicle. If you do not have the neces- sary tools or experience, do not attempt the installation yourself. Instead, please ask your authorized JBL car audio dealer about professional installation. In order that we may better serve you should you require warranty service, please retain your original sales receipt and serial number. WARNING: Playing loud music in an automobile can permanently damage your hearing as well as hinder your ability to hear traffic. We recommend listening at low levels while driving. JBL accepts no liability for hearing loss, bodily injury or property damage resulting from use or misuse of this product. INSTALLATION TIPS • Always wear protective eyewear when using tools. • Turn off all audio components and other electrical devices before you start. Disconnect the (–) negative lead from your vehicle’s battery. • Check clearances on both sides of a planned mounting surface. Be sure that screws or wires will not puncture brake lines, fuel lines or wiring harnesses, and that wire routing will not interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle. • When making electrical connec- tions, make sure they are secure and properly insulated. • Before drilling or cutting holes, use a utility knife to remove unwanted fabric or vinyl, to keep material from snagging in a drill bit or saw. • Do not mount speakers where they will get wet. • If a fuse must be replaced, be sure to use the same type of fuse and current rating as that of the original. CHOOSING A MOUNTING LOCATION FOR ENCLOSURE Choose a mounting location that doesn’t interfere with cargo, the fold-down rear seat or the trunk lid. The best location is usually a corner of the trunk or cargo area. Securely mount enclosure to the mounting surface using the supplied material. CS SUB ENC OM 05 1/17/06 2:52 PM Page 2 Connect the speaker cable to the enclosure as shown in Figure 1. Please observe the following installation tips: Use at least 0.5mm2 speaker wire for speaker-level input connections. Figure 1. 3 POWER CONNECTIONS HEAD UNIT AMP BATTERY Speaker Out Remote Turn-On R L CS SUB ENC OM 05 1/17/06 2:52 PM Page 3 Decl .....
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