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    2 A Few Words About Enclosures Your Decade Series subwoofer requires an enclosure to realize its full low- frequency response.The speaker’s design is flexible enough to produce exceptional results no matter whether you specify a small sealed, vented or bandpass enclo- sure. In vented and bandpass enclosures, box size and port tuning frequency will also help dictate the low-frequency performance and output capability of your system. Your Decade Series subwoofer will also work in infinite baffle applications where there is no space or budget to build a box. Be aware that infinite baffle or “free air” mounting will reduce the power han- dling of any subwoofer compared to an application using an enclosure. Finally, any deviation from recommended enclosure volumes or port dimensions should be made using dedicated enclosure-design software, such as JBL Speakershop™. If this type of software is not available to you, look for assistance on JBL ’s Web site at or from your authorized JBL dealer. Your Car and Bass Reproduction Depending on the size of the vehicle’s interior listening space, reproduced frequencies below 80Hz are actually boosted by nearly 12dB per octave as frequency decreases. NOTE: This effect, known as the vehicle’s transfer function, plays an important part in shaping the overall in-car response and is displayed graphically along with freespace response on the enclosed data sheet for your Decade Series subwoofer. Enclosure Calculations and Building Boxes Use the recommended box designs on the enclosed data sheet. Choose cabinet dimensions to fit your vehicle, but do not change the enclosure’s volume. Doing so will change the tuning frequency of the enclosure and may adversely affect final performance. If you cannot perform the necessary calculations yourself, please contact your authorized JBL dealer for help and for information about JBL Speakershop, a dedicated enclosure- design software program for experienced car-audio enthusiasts. In addition, there are a number of points you’ll want to keep in mind as you con- struct an enclosure: 1. Use 3/4" (19mm) MDF (medium-density fiberboard) or marine birch plywood to build an enclosure. Enclosures for 12" and larger subwoofers, or small sub- woofers driven by high power ampli- fiers, should be constructed using 1" (25mm) material. 2. Seal all joints with glue and screws; do not use nails. We recommend “deck” or “zip” screws since they have coarse threads for better grip and don’t require pre-drilling holes. Once the box has been tested, seal all interior joints with silicone caulk. 3. Depending on the applica .....
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