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    4 Analog Receiver/Processor – Speaker-Level Connections Use this installation method only with an analog receiver/ processor that does not have digital processing or bass management, and also does not have a subwoofer output or a volume-controlled preamp (line-) level output: Connect the speaker wires for both your main left and right speakers, and for the sub- woofer, to the same speaker terminals on your receiver or amplifier. The wires may be joined by twisting together the bare ends of the two leads that will be connected to each terminal on the receiver/ amplifier, as shown in the diagram. This procedure should be done only four times (involving a total of eight bare- wire ends), and only for those wire ends that are being con- nected to the terminals on your receiver/amplifier. It is important that you avoid join- ing any other wires. Do not twist together wire ends that are being inserted into terminals on any speaker or on the subwoofer. Do not twist together wire ends that will be used for any speakers other than the front left and right speakers or the subwoofer. Refer to the connection dia- gram for guidance. Twist together the (+) leads at one end of the speaker wires that you have designated for the left front speaker and for the left high-level inputs on the subwoofer. Insert the joined (twisted) wires into the left front (+) terminal on your receiver/amplifier. Connect the free end of the (+) lead for the left front speaker to the (+) ter- minal on the back of the speaker. Connect the free end of the (+) lead for the left input on the subwoofer to the left binding-post terminal. Repeat this process for the (–) connections for the left front speaker and left input on the subwoofer, and then for the (+) and (–) connections for the right front speaker and right high-level inputs on the sub- woofer. Connect your receiver or amplifier’s center and sur- round speaker terminals to the corresponding terminals on the back of your center and surround speakers. Right Front Left Front Center + – + – + – Subwoofer Right Surround Left Surround + – + – + – + – Left Front Center + – Left Surround Right Front + – Right Surround + – Receiver L R HIGH LEVEL IN L R + – Twist Here Twist Here To (+) terminal on left speaker To (+) terminal of left input on subwoofer To front left (+) terminal on receiver/amplifier Digital Receiver/Processor – LFE Connection Use this installation method for Dolby Digital, DTS® or other digital surround processors that have bass-management programming, or for analog receivers/processors that have a filtered subwoofer output: IMPORTANT: Make sure .....
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