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    2 before disconnecting the battery! 2. Run a minimum AWG #8 power cable complete with a 40 amp fuse (not included) for the GTS300 or an AWG #6 or AWG #4 cable with an 80 amp fuse for the GTS600 directly from the positive + 12V battery terminal to the disired amplifier location. Keep the fuse to within 6” of the battery terminal, and before the wire runs through any metal partition. Note: All wiring connections should be made either by soldering with heatshrink tubing insulation or with high quality crimp type insulated connectors installed with a professional type, articulated crimping tool. Soldering crimptype terminals is recommended for additional security. Never use wire-nuts, insulation-displacement connectors (i.e. ScotchLok type), or “twist and tape” connections. Do not use electrical tape; it will loosen with age and extreme temperatures. 3. Mount amplifier in the desired location using four screws. 4. Connect power wiring as shown i the Wiring Diagram. 5. Connect the outputs from the head unit to the appropriate inputs of the amplifier according to the Wiring Diagram with either high quality low-level signal cables with RCA plugs, with the supplied speaker-level input connector, or both. 6. Connect the speakers to the amplifier according to the wiring diagram. 7. Turn the input gain adjustment to the 1/4 position. 8. Set the crossover switches as desired. 9. Set the input mode switch to stereo, left + right or right input only operation. 10. Set the bass boost switch to the desired position. 11. Reconnect the negative battery cable. 12. Turn on the signal source at a low volume level and check for the correct output from each speaker. 13. Adjust the amplifier gain control using the procedure described in the “Adjusting the Gain” section. 2.2 Controls and Connectors 1. Preamp-Level Input Connector – Use these connectores for line (preamp) level input to the amplifier. 2. Preamp-Level Output Connector – Use these outputs to send the signal to additional amplifiers. 3. Speaker-Level Input Connector – Use this connector for speaker level input signals. A wire harness is supplied for use with this connector. This input also includes JBL’s Common Sense input circuitry which turns the amplifier on as soon as the high powered head unit connected to this input is turned on. 4. Speaker Output Connector – Connect speaker wiring to this connector. See “Wiring” directions for more information. 5., 6., 7., 8., Power Connector – Connection for power wires #A. See “Wiring” directions for information on proper connections. 9. Fuse – 40 Amp ATC type fuse for the GTS300 and two 40 .....
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