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    Phillips #2 screwdriver Measuring tape Utility knife Pencil Carpenter’s level Awl Tools Needed The JBL HTI Series in-wall speakers were designed to be easily installed. However, if you are unsure of your ability to properly install these loud- speakers, please contact your dealer or a qualified installer. INSTALLATION Speakers and electronics terminals have corresponding (+) and (–) terminals. Most manufacturers of speakers and electronics, including JBL, use red to denote the (+) terminal and black for the (–) terminal. It is important to connect both speakers identically: (+) on the speaker to (+) on the amplifier and (–) on the speaker to (–) on the amplifier. Wiring “out of phase” results in thin sound, weak bass and a poor stereo image. With the advent of multi- channel surround-sound systems, connecting all of the speakers in your system with the correct polarity remains equally important in order to preserve the proper ambience and directionality of the program material. Connection Tips Wire Length Recommended Size Up to 20 ft. 16 gauge Up to 30 ft. 12 gauge Greater than 30 ft. 10 gauge Front or Rear Speaker Outputs LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT The wires for both speakers should be the same length. If one speaker is placed closer to the amplifier than the other, hide the excess wire behind the wall. SPEAKER CONNECTIONS 4 5 HTI6, HTI8, HTI55 EXISTING CONSTRUCTION Remove the grille from the speaker frame by pulling on the paper tab. If the tab is missing, to avoid scratching the grille or baffle you may unfold a paper clip, insert the straight end through one of the holes in the grille, and gently pull up. Determine the correct speaker location. Note: Remove the inner tem- plate, which is the paint shield, at the perforation. Use the outer template when cutting the dry- wall. Although the HTI55 may be oriented either horizontally or vertically, the installation procedure is the same. Template Level Note: Always allow at least one-half inch between a wall stud and the speaker cutout or the locking tabs will not be able to swivel into place. ≥1/2" ≥1/2" ≥1/2" Cut the drywall. Connect the speaker wires to the speaker. Replace the metal grille. For the HTI55 only, attach the JBL logo to the grille to correspond to vertical or horizontal installation. Place the frame assembly in the wall. Screw down each of the four (six for HTI55) Phillips head screws. The locking tabs will swivel into place and secure the unit to the rear surface of the drywall. The HTI speakers feature unique swivel mounts for the tweeters that enable you to aim the very directional high frequencies toward the listening .....
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