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    2 INSTALLATION WARNINGS AND TIPS ABOUT THESE INSTRUCTIONS: Installation of marine audio components can require extensive experience with a variety of mechanical and electrical procedures. Although these instructions explain how to install JBL marine speakers in a general sense, they do not show the exact installation methods for your particular application. If you do not feel you have the experience, do not attempt the installation yourself. Ask your authorized JBL marine audio dealer about professional installation options. LOUD MUSIC AND HEARING: Playing loud music in a marine envi- ronment can permanently damage your hearing, as well as hinder your ability to hear marine traffic. The maximum volume levels achievable with JBL speakers, combined with high-power amplification, may exceed safe levels for extended listening. JBL accepts no liability for hearing loss, bodily injury or property damage as a result of use or misuse of this product. GENERAL CARE: The loudspeaker grilles may be cleaned with a damp cloth. Do not use any cleaners or solvents on the grilles or the speaker cones. ABOUT POWER HANDLING: JBL marine speakers will produce reasonable volume levels with little amplifier power. Moreover, adding an amplifier to drive your speakers and a subwoofer will enhance your system’s dynamic range and help overcome ambient noise. Although JBL marine speakers are designed to handle the power of a dedicated amplifier driven at or below its rated power, make sure the amplifier is not driven far above its rated power. Doing so will “clip” the output signal and can damage any speaker. Distorted or “fuzzy” sound from your speakers is an indication that the amplifier has exceeded its rated power, and you should reduce the volume level. INSTALLATION TIPS: • Always wear protective eyewear when using any tools. • Turn off all audio components and other electrical devices before you start. Disconnect the negative (–) lead from your battery. • Keep speakers in their package until final installation. When mov- ing a speaker, always rest it with the cone or dome facing up. Never use force to install any speaker. • Check clearances on both sides of a planned mounting surface before drilling any holes or installing any screws. Remember that the screws can extend behind the surface. • At the installation sites, locate and make a note of all fuel lines and electrical wiring. Use extreme caution when cutting or drilling in and around these areas. • Before drilling or cutting holes, use a utility knife to remove unwanted fabric or vinyl to keep material from snagging in a drill bit or saw. • The .....
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