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    "Speaker Level Input (from amplifier)" - Use these inputs when connecting to the speaker out (speaker mains) of your receiver/T.V./source amplifier. Run speaker wires from the speaker output terminals (usually coded red and black) on the rear of your receiver/T.V./source amplifier to the red and black input terminals labeled "Speaker Level Input (from amplifier)" on the PS subwoofer. (See Fig. 2) Preparing the speaker level hookup wire Your JBL dealer can recommend suitable cables, or you can buy wire at most hardware stores. High quality connectors and cable offer consistent performance that does not deteriorate over time. We recommend #16 AWG two- conductor insulated wire as a minimum size. If your PS subwoofer is more than 30 feet (10 m) from your receiver/T.V. /source amplifier, use larger diameter wire. Making the speaker level hookup 1. First measure the distance from your receiver/T.V./source amplifier to your PS subwoofer. 2. Next make two hookup wires this length. 3. Strip off 3/8" of insulation from both ends of each conductor wire. 4. Twist each set of thin wires into a tightly-bunched spiral. 5. Now find a visual difference between the two conductors of each molded pair of speaker wire. CONNECTIONS CAUTION: Before making any connections to your subwoofer, make sure the power to your entire system is OFF . POWER Plug the power cord into a grounded wall outlet or the accessory outlet on the back of your amplifier/receiver. INPUTS Your PS subwoofer has both line- level and speaker-level input connections. Review your receiver/T.V./source amplifier instruction manual to see which outputs your equipment provides, then follow the appropriate instructions below. "Line Input" - Use the RCA (phono) input jacks labeled "Line Input" when connecting from a line-level device, such as a pre- amp, crossover, signal processor, or when using any of the line-level outputs on the rear of your receiver/T.V./source amplifier. If your receiver has a single RCA output for sending the signal to the subwoofer, you may connect this output to the R or L input jack on your PS subwoofer. Or, you may connect it to both R & L input jacks by using a "y" adapter. Many stereo/ large screen T.V.'s have stereo (R & L) RCA jacks for sending the signal to external audio equipment. Your subwoofer connects to these using both the R & L input jacks. (See Fig. 1). 4 PS manual[P].qXp2 7/27/98 3:24 PM Page 7 5 Speaker Level Output (toexternalspeakers) + R + R L + L + L R Crossover Frequency Level Min Max 50 200 (Hz) Polarity Reverse Normal SpeakerLevelInput (from amplifier) Line Input PS Subwoofer L R + - + - Receiver, TV, or Amplifi .....
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