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  • Sound System JBL SCS110

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    + – + + – + + – – + + – – – + + – – Receiver Subwoofer Left Surround Right Surround Left Front sat10 Right Front sat10 Front Center Rear L R L R Left Right Output to Satellite Input from Amplifier Left Right + – Center Speaker + – + – + – + – two. Speaker Connections For satellites, thread speaker wire through the hole in the bottom of the speaker, then feed it through the recessed wire channel. Separate and strip the ends of the speaker wire as shown. Speakers and electronics ter- minals have corresponding (+) and (–) terminals. It is impor- tant to connect both speakers identically: (+) on the speaker to (+) on the amplifier and (–) on the speaker to (–) on the amplifier. Wiring “out of phase” results in thin sound, weak bass and a poor stereo image. Connection Tips SCS110 (Simply Cinema) OM 11/20/00 4:25 PM Page 4 Troubleshooting three. Testing Finally. Take a “test drive” with some favorite music or movies. 1. With the receiver/amplifier still turned off, confirm that its volume control is turned all the way down. Next, center the balance control. If the receiver/amplifier has an A/B speaker switch, set it to correspond to the speaker terminals connected to the SCS110 system. 2. Now, turn on your receiver/ amplifier and select a music source such as a CD player, cassette deck or FM tuner. 3. Turn up the volume control slowly until you hear sound from the speakers. 4. Rotate the balance control all the way to the left. Sound should come only from the left speaker. If the sound comes from the right speaker with the balance control to the left, the speaker wires have been reversed during hook-up. Turn the receiver/ amplifier “off” and switch both sets of speaker wires. Dolby Pro Logic*-equipped devices (AV Receivers, Surround Sound processors or decoders, TVs or other sources) include a “test tone” you can use to balance the volume of all the speakers in a surround sound system. Refer to the instructions accompanying your compo- nent for selecting the test tone mode and using it to balance speaker levels in your home theater. If there is no sound from any of the speakers, check the following: • Receiver/amplifier is on and a source is playing. • Review proper operation of your receiver/amplifier. If there is no sound coming from one speaker, check the following: • Check the “Balance” control on your receiver/amplifier. • Check all wires and con- nections between receiver/ amplifier and speakers. • Make sure all wires are con- nected. Make sure none of the speaker wires are frayed, cut, or punctured. If the system plays at low vol .....
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