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    BUILT -INTWEETER PROTECTION CIRCUITRY: TheTR Crossover networks are equipped with an advanced electronic tweeter protection circuit designed to minimize the possibility of tweeter failure. This electronic device monitors current going to the tweeter and will disconnect the tweeter from the signal when it senses overload. Should this occur while listening to the audio system, simply reduce the volume for a few seconds and the protection circuit will reset itself automatically. SPEAKER PLACEMENT CONSIDERATIONS: A component system gives you the ability to place the woofer and tweeter separately in your vehicle interior.This can be good or bad, depending on how it’s done. As a general rule, the tweeters should be placed relatively close to the woofers for best tonal balance and most coherent imaging (the closer, the better). Any separation greater than 8 inches (20 cm) is likely to result in degraded sound quality. Avoid placing tweeters where they will be blocked by objects in the interior of the car (including seated occupants). When selecting a mounting location, look at both sides of the car to make sure that this location is clear on both sides. You can always experiment with tweeter placement before committing to a final mounting location. Simply connect the rest of the system and allow plenty of wire length for the tweeters. Using velcro or similar material, attach the tweeters in different locations until you find the one where they perform best. Woofers will usually be placed into factory speaker locations. If you have some woofer mounting flexibility, keep the followiing in mind: Lower mounting locations, such as the lower front corner of a door or a kick-panel provide the greatest path length distances for the sound emitted by the woofer. For this reason, they are generally more desirable than higher mounting locations. Higher mounting locations will usually result in extreme near-side soundstage bias which compromises the stereo listening experience. JL AUDIO TR650-CSi 3 Less Desirable More Desirable Less Desirable More Desirable TR650-CSi SPECIFICATIONS: Woofers: Injection-molded, mica-filled, polypropylene cone body, 1-inch (25mm) voice coil, flat-profile/ symmetrical-roll spider, butyl rubber surround. Tweeters: 0.50-inch (12 mm) textile dome diaphragm, integral phase plug, neodymium magnet, ferrofluid cooled and damped. Designed for flush or surface mounting. Crossover Design: Natural roll-off low pass (woofer), 1st order high-pass circuit with electrolytic capacitor on tweeter. Polyswitch tweeter protection. Continuous Power Handling: 50 Watts (RMS Method) Recommended Amplifier Power: 10- .....
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