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    JOEMEEK COMPRESSOR SC2 LIMITING AND COMPRESSION Why is the JOEMEEK different to a modern high tech. compressor limiter? It was designed as a stereo effects compressor rather than a 'leveling amplifier' as the early compressors was called. These are the basic definitions: . A LIMITER is a device which stops the output of a signal path going above a predetermined level. . A COMPRESSOR is a device which reduces the dynamic range of programmed material. A 'perfect' compressor is an amplifier where the input/output ratio is constant: So using a 2:1 compressor, increasing the input by 2dB gives a corresponding 1dB increase in the output. Early compressors which used variable mu thermionic tubes or photoelectric devices only approximated true compression over a limited range. They had a soft 'threshold' where compression started and held to a predictable ratio up to a certain level, and then they returned to a more linear amplification allowing transients through. This is in stark contrast to modern VCA compressor/limiters where designers thought it 'sensible' to combine the functions of compressor and limiter and to 'stonewall' any and all signals above a certain level. The musical effect is that (I know I'm over simplifying) VCA compressors sound muddy and flat, while old compressors sound lively and retain sparkle. ITS HORSES FOR COURSES, a good VCA compressor limiter will do a good job making medium wave radio sound a bit louder and protecting a radio transmitter from exploding, but it is a poor tool for making a voice track stand out. Page 1 THE COMPRESSOR The JOEMEEK compressor was designed to use the apparent deficiencies of the older technology providing a powerful artistic tool for the creative engineer. . Joe Meek used to say, "If it sounds right, it is right!” To a lot of his contemporaries he went way over the top with overloading the record electronics on his 'Lyrec' recorder, and swathing his less-than perfect singers in bathroom echo and reverb, but his artistic use of non linear compression was masterly. CONNECTIONS. Inputs and outputs are balanced line level but can be operated unbalanced without loss of quality. . If using unbalanced circuits, it is essential to ground the unused audio connection, i.e.; pin 3 on the XLRs or the 'ring' on the jacks. The XLR and standard 1/4 inch jack connections are in parallel so should not be used at the same time. Inputs are high impedance and outputs are low impedance (as is normal for all good outboard equipment). OPERATION. Connect inputs and outputs and plug in mains cable NOTE: THERE IS NO POWER ON/OFF SWITCH. When the unit is powered, the meter nee .....
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