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    936.2629/b Subject to alteration. Antenna area: Reflector screen: Tin plated copper. Radiator: Tin plated zinc. Cylindrical fiberglass radome: The max. radome diameter is only 230 mm. Fiberglass material guarantees optimum perform- ance with regards to stability, stiffness, UV resistance and paint- ing. The colour of the radome is similar to light grey RAL 7035. All screws and nuts: Stainless steel. Service area: Cylindrical shaped steel construction, hot-dip galvanized, for the integration of 3 Remote Control Units (RCU) and / or sixfold Tower Mounted Amplifier unit (TMA), openings for the access to RCU and/ or TMA unit and to cables and to the clamping collar for the fixation of the antenna on the pole provided by customer. Service area covered by a slotted radome tube closed with quick-release fasteners. Accessories: – Multipack Tower Mounted Amplifier (MPTMA) consisting of 6 Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMA) in a common housing for three-sector applications. – Remote Control Unit (RCU) to provide remotely controlled adjustable electrical downtilt. – Multifunctional Installation Tool for the installation of two 3-way splitters and one Double Tower Mounted Amplifier (DTMA) in case of using the Tri-Sector Pipe Antenna in a quasi-omnidirectional configuration. – Flexible Sealing Frame for the installation of max. 6 feeder cables (1/2 inch to 1 1/4 inch) and max. 3 RCU control cables. Grounding: The metal parts of the antenna including the mounting kit and the inner conductors are DC grounded. Environmental conditions: Kathrein cellular antennas are designed to operate under the environmental conditions as described in ETS 300 019-1-4 class 4.1 E. The antennas exceed this standard with regard to the following items: – Low temperature: –55 °C – High temperature (dry): +55 °C Ice protection: Due to the very sturdy antenna construction and the protection of the radiating system by the radome, the antenna remains operational even under icy conditions. Environmental tests: Kathrein antennas have passed environmental tests as recommended in ETS 300 019-2-4. The homogenous design of Kathrein’s antenna families use identical modules and materials. Extensive tests have been performed on typical samples and modules. Application note: For further infomation about antenna and accessories see the application note. It can be downloaded under: German: English: Tri-Sector Pipe Antenna 1365 mm 940 mm Antenna area Service area (cover removed) ∅ 230 mm ∅ 280 mm (to be ordered separately) Please note: As a result .....
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