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    Tuning procedure 1. Press the [STANDBY/ON] switch to turn on the power. The instrument currently selected for tuning (guitar or bass) will be displayed for approximately one second. The power will turn on or off each time you press the (STANDBY/ON) switch. When the tuner is on for 10 minutes without use, the power will automatically turn off to conserve battery life. 2. Press the [GUITAR/BASS] switch to select the type of instrument you want to tune. When you change this setting, the “character display area” in the center of the GT4 will indicate “ ” or “ ”. 3. If you wish to tune lower than standard tuning, press the [FLAT] switch to select the number of flats. This lets you tune to a pitch in the range of 1 – 5 semitones below the displayed note name. When you turn on the power, the flat setting is always off (no flats), regardless of the setting you used most recently. Number of flats [F0, F1(  ) ... F5(      )] 4. Press the [DISPLAY] switch to choose one of the three display patterns. Each time you press the switch, the tuner will cycle through Strobe mode, Mirror mode ➞ Meter mode. The tuning status will be displayed differently depending on the pattern you’ve selected. (See “Display patterns”) 5. Connect the guitar or bass you want to tune or a CM-100L contact mic to the input jack. If you want to tune an acoustic instrument, position the sound hole of your instrument near the built-in mic. If a cable is connected to the INPUT jack, the built-in mic cannot be used. 6. Play a single note on your instrument. The “character display area” in the center of the GT4 will show the string / note name that is closest to the pitch you played. Tune your instrument so the desired note name appears. String / note name for guitar [ 7B, 6E, 5A ,4D ,3G ,2B ,1E ] String / note name for bass [ LB(LowB), 4E, 3A, 2D, 1G, HC(HighC) ] Display patterns Méthode d’accordage 1. Appuyez sur le commutateur [STANDBY/ON] pour mettre l’accordeur sous tension. L’instrument actuellement sélectionné pour l’accord (guitare ou basse) sera affiché pendant environ une seconde. L’accordeur sera automatiquement mis sous/hors tension, chaque fois que vous appuierez sur le commutateur [STANDBY/ON]. Si l’accordeur reste allumé pendant 10 minutes sans être utilisé, ils se mettra automatiquement hors tension pour sauvegarder l’énergie des piles. 2. Appuyez sur le commutateur [GUITAR/BASS] pour sélectionner le type d’instrument que vous souhaitez accorder. Quand vous changez ce réglage, la “zone d’affichage de caractères” au centre du GT-4 indique “ ” ou “ ”. 3. Si vous s .....
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