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    Home Theater Standard 7.1 Surround Preamp/Processor Instructions for Use v 02.3 Krell Industries, Inc. 45 Connair Road Orange, CT 06477-3650 USA TEL 203-799-9954 FAX 203-891-2028 E-MAIL WEBSITE This product complies with the EMC directive (89/336/EEC) and the low-voltage directive (73/23/EEC). The Home Theater Standard 7.1 must be placed on a firm level surface where it is not exposed to dripping or splashing. The ventilation grids on the top and bottom of the Home Theater Standard 7.1 must be unobstructed at all times during operation. Do not place flammable mater- ial above or beneath the component. Do not remove or bypass the ground pin on the end of the AC power cord. This could cause radio frequency interference (RFI) to be introduced into your playback system. Before making connections to the Home Theater Standard 7.1, make sure the back panel power switch is off. Make sure all cable terminations are of the highest quali- ty and free from frayed ends, short circuits, or cold solder joints. THERE ARE NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE ANY KRELL PRODUCT. Please contact your authorized Krell dealer, distributor, or Krell if you have any questions not addressed in this Owner’s Reference. DTS Digital Surround ™ is a discrete 5.1 channel digital audio format available on CD, LD, and DVD soft- ware which consequently cannot be decoded and played back inside most CD, LD, or DVD players. For this reason, when DTS-encoded software is played back through the analog outputs of the CD, LD, or DVD play- er, excessive noise will be exhibited. To avoid possible damage to the audio system, proper precautions should be taken by the consumer if the analog outputs are connected directly to an amplification system. To enjoy DTS Digital Surround ™ playback, an external 5.1 channel DTS Digital Surround ™ decoder system must be connected to the digital output (S/PDIF, AES/EBU, or TosLink) of the CD, LD, or DVD player. This product is manufactured in the United States of America. Krell® is a registered trademark of Krell Industries, Inc., and is restricted for use by Krell Industries, Inc., its subsidiaries, and authorized agents. Krell Current Mode™ and Smart System Setup™ are trademarks of Krell Industries, Inc. “DTS”, “DTS Digital Surround”, “DTS ES Extended Surround”, and “Neo:6” are registered trademarks of Digital Theater Systems, Inc. TosLink is a trademark of Toshiba Corporation. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. "Dolby," "Pro Logic," and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Confidential Unpublished W .....
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