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    iv Krell KAV–280p Illustrations FIGURE 1 The KAV–280p Front Panel 5 FIGURE 2 The KAV–280p Back Panel 8 FIGURE 3 The KAV–280p Remote Control 11 Page Krell KAV–280p 1 Introduction Thank you for your purchase of the Krell KAV–280p Remote Control Preamplifier. The KAV-280p uses current mode and sur- face mount technologies derived directly from the state-of-the-art Krell KCT Preamplifier. The Class A direct-coupled design of the KAV–280p means that the signal path is fully balanced from input to output. This includes a fully balanced volume control. Circuits are powered by a dedicat- ed supply with discrete voltage regulators and there is a separate, dedicated power supply for all digital control circuits. All signal switching is accomplished via hermetically sealed multiple contact precision relays. The KAV–280p provides a high level of operational convenience and functional versatility. It is easy to integrate into your system. The remote control accesses all amplifier functions, and remote control connection options on the back panel allow the KAV–280p to be easily connected with other components. With its unique Theater Throughput TM feature, the KAV–280p can easily adapt to home theater applications. This owner’s reference manual contains important information on the placement, installation, and operation of the KAV–280p. Please read this information carefully. A thorough understanding of these details will help ensure satisfactory operation and long life for your KAV–280p and related system components. Definition of Terms OPERATION Following are the definitions of key terms used in your owner’s ref- erence manual. Theater Throughput Theater Throughput is a Krell configuration option that allows the signal from a surround preamp/processor to pass through a Krell preamplifier or integrated amplifier with no gain, for integrated vol- ume and balance management of Krell home theater systems. Balanced A symmetrical input or output circuit that has equal impedance from both input terminals to a common ground reference point. The industry standard for professional and sound recording instal- lations, balanced connections have 6 dB more gain than single- ended connections and allow the use of long interconnect cables. Balanced connections are completely immune to induced noise from the system or the environment. Single-ended A two-wire input or output circuit. Use care when using single- ended connections as the ground connection is made last and broken first. Turn the system off prior to making or breaking single- ended connections. Single-ended connections are not recom- mended .....
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