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    45 Connair Road Orange, CT 06477-0533, USA KRS-IA PREAMPLIFIER/SUPPLY ASSIGNMENT KRS-IA Preamplifier Serial Number should be connected to: KRSP Power Supply Serial Number Also, KRS~IA Preamplifier Serial Number should be connected to: KRSP Power Supply Serial Number KRS-IA PREAMPLIFIER Thank you for purchasing the KRS-IA Preamplifier. The KRS-IA is the latest evolution in KRELLs’ preamplifier technology and represents advances is circuitry sophistication and sonic quality not found in any other preamplifier at any cost. Two notable design features are its’ completely mono- phonic operation and the absence of any capacitors in the signal path. Please read this instruction manual completely before using the KRS-IA. Its’ installation and operation are very easy to understand and it will provide many years of trouble-free performance. Please be sure to return the en- closed warranty card. UNPACKING While unpacking the KRS-IA please inspect the units for shipping damage. If any damage is evident contact your dealer or the factory immediately. If the unit is in proper condition proceed with installation. In addition to the two preamplifier chassis and two power supply chassis you will find two short DC cables for connection between the supplies and preamps, and one allen driver to be used for removing the top cover and phono board. The purpose of these oper- ations will be detailed below. INSTALLATION The KRS-IA is designed to be set up with the two preamp chassis sitting on top of the two power supplies. Before proceeding with the final installation please read the Phono Section Set Up and C.D. Section Set Up portions of the manual as they involve removal of the preamp top covers. This is much easier to accomplish before the entire preamp is in place. After completing set up of the Phono and C.D. sections place the four chassis where they will be perma- nently. Connect the two DC cables between the eight pin connectors on the supplies and the preamps. The AC cables can now be connected between the supplies and the AC mains. You can now proceed with connection of the various source components in your system. The rear panel inputs follow, from left to right as viewed from the front, the assignment on the "Select" switch from phono to tuner, etc. Typically the top chassis is used for the left channel, the bottom one for the right channel. After the inputs are the Record Outputs. Last are two sets of Main Outputs. These operate in unison and are provided as a convenience for routing to two inde- pendant systems. NOTES ON INSTALLATION Be sure the volume controls are fully counterclockwise before making co .....
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