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    4 D. INSTALLATION 1. CAUTIONS: These are important points of which you should always be aware. • Do not connect the power cord into the AC mains before completing the entire installation. • The unit must always be turned off while making connections. • Krell XLR and custom RCA connectors are made to very exacting standards. Connectors of lesser quality may damage the amplifiers or cause poor connections. Please check with your dealer or Krell about the use of any other connectors. 2. UNIT LOCATION GUIDELINES With the power cord disconnected from the AC mains, lay out the pre-amp to power amplifier interconnect and speaker cables to best determine the placement for the amplifier. As mentioned earlier, the KSA-150 operates at its peak with a dedicated 20-amp line and the KSA-250 requires a dedicated 20- amp line. Consult a licensed electrician for installation of a dedicated line. Amplifiers dissipate in heat much of the power they consume. The KSA-150 or KSA-250 must be installed in a location that provides unobstructed ventilation. If the units will be installed on shelving or in a cabinet, extra ventilation is necessary. This can be accomplished with the use of ‘whisper’-type fans in a variety of ways. Consult your dealer for assistance. Generally, with the front and rear of the installation shelving or cabinetry open, 8 inches of clearance on the sides and top of the amplifies should provide adequate ventilation. The dimensions of the KSA-150 are: 19” wide X 16.75” deep x 8.5” high. Add 2.5” of depth for front and rear handles. The unit weighs 90 pounds. Shipping weight is 105 pounds. The dimensions of the KSA-250 are: 19” wide x 21.5” deep x 8.5” high. Add 2.5” of depth for front and rear handles. The unit weighs 140 pounds. Shipping weight is 144 pounds. 3. CONNECTION OF INPUTS AND SPEAKERS Note: The KSA-250’s AC power cord may be connected to the amplifier at this time, but do not yet connect the power cord to the AC mains. The KSA-150 and KSA-250 have both balanced and single-ended inputs. The balanced inputs use 3-pin XLR connectors and single-ended inputs use RCA connectors. The pin assignments for the XLRS are: pin 1 = signal ground: pin 2 = non-inverting input: pin 3 = inverting input. The RCA connector is wired in parallel with pin 2, the non-inverted input. Only one of these inputs should be connected to the preamplifier. 5 The input that is not connected to the preamplifier may be used as an output to a second amplifier for power bi-amp applications. Before proceeding with such an installation, you should consult your dealer or Krell. The KSA-150 and KSA-250 are .....
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