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    OVERVIEW The MicroPiano is a 32-voice MIDI sound module. Designed in a single space, half-rack unit, the MicroPiano is very easy to use. Basically, you select a sound by pressing the Program button, then turn- ing the Data knob at the far right of the module. You can also select the desired EFFECTS, CHAN- NEL, TRANSPOSE, and TUNING modes by press- ing one of their respective buttons on the front panel, and you select the values in each mode with the Data knob. The value you select for each mode is retained until you change it, or turn the power off. The default setting for the Program mode is Ò1Ó (Classical Piano). The default setting for EFFECTS is (ÒPrgÓ). ÒPrgÓ designates that each program selected in Program mode has its own default effect associated with it. See the PROGRAM and EFFECTS sections for more details about how programs and effects interact. The default setting for the CHANNEL mode is Ò1.Ó The default settings for TRANSPOSE and TUNING modes are Ò0Ó when you turn on the MicroPiano. Each of these modes is discussed in greater detail in the section entitled, ÒPLAYING YOUR MICROPIANO.Ó 1 INTRODUCTION Welcome to the Kurzweil MicroPiano!ª You now have a simple and effective way to enhance your music with KurzweilÕs superior piano sound tech- nology. As with our other Kurzweil products, we think youÕll Þnd the sounds to be very realistic. This manual will serve to walk you though hook- ing up your MicroPiano safely and using it to its greatest capacity. Save this manual as a reference. Now is a good time to Þll out and return the postage-paid registration card which comes with your MicroPiano. If we know who you are, we will be able to keep you informed of the latest developments and new products from Kurzweil. Thanks. 2 SETTING UP AND CARING FOR YOUR MicroPiano See the ÒImportant Safety and Installation InstructionsÓ on the inside front cover for important information as you set up and turn on your MicroPiano. Never take apart your MicroPiano. There are no user-serviceable parts inside. Clean your MicroPiano with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use aerosol sprays on or near the MicroPiano. Mounting Your MicroPiano to a Half-Rack Adapter The MicroPiano is a single-space, half-rack module designed to Þt securely into any standard 19" equipment rack. For safety, do not turn on the power source for other devices in your MIDI system until the MicroPiano is connected. If you desire to mount the MicroPiano in your current equipment rack, Kurzweil recom- mends you purchase a standard half-rack adapter from your local dealer. Enclosed with the MicroPiano are four screws and four small ad .....
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