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    Figure 2, Outline Drawing, Soft Start 1.50 4.30 2.00 .75 3.50 3.80 3/16” Dia. 4.30 3.30 .50 INSTALLATION RECORD & WARRANTY Date Installed Installed By Vehicle Identification Vehicle Owner WARRANTY All products of Kussmaul Electronics Company Inc. are warranted to be free of defects of material or workmanship. Liability is limited to repairing or replacingatourfactory,withoutcharge,anymaterialordefectswhichbecome apparentinnormalusewithin3yearsfromthedatetheequipmentwasshipped. Equipment is to be returned, shipping charges prepaid and will be returned, after repair, shipping charges paid. KussmaulElectronicsCompany,Inc.shallhavenoliabilityfordamagesof anykindtoassociatedequipmentarisingfromtheinstallationand/oruseofthe KussmaulElectronicsCompany,Inc.products.Thepurchaser,bytheaccep- tanceoftheequipment,assumesallliabilityforanydamageswhichmayresult from its installation, use or misuse, by the purchaser, his or its employees or others. .....
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