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  • Graphic Equaliser LA Audio EQ231G

  • Vorschau LA Audio EQ231G Handbuch:
    User Manual Contents © LA Audio 2004 4 Contents IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 5 Safety Information 6 1. Introduction 7 2. Installation 8 3. Operating Instructions 11 4. Applications & Techniques 13 5. Block Diagram & Specifications 17 6. Repairs and Warranty 19 User Manual IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS © LA Audio 2004 5 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING THIS EQUIPMENT MUST BE EARTHED. DO NOT EXPOSE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS AND SAVE THEM FOR LATER REFERENCE BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO CONNECT YOUR UNIT TO THE AC POWER SOURCE. CAUTION ATTENTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN DO NOT OPEN DO NOT OPEN DO NOT OPEN RISQUE DE CHOC NE PAS ENLEVER NE PAS ENLEVER NE PAS ENLEVER NE PAS ENLEVER User Manual Safety Information © LA Audio 2004 6 Safety Information EARTH This unit is connected via its power cord to the mains safety earth. NEVER OPERATE THE UNIT WITH THIS EARTH CONNECTION REMOVED. COVERS DO NOT remove the covers. Refer servicing to qualified personnel only. VOLTAGE The EQ231G-SP is set to operate only at the voltage shown on the outer packaging. CHECK that the correct voltage is available before connecting the AC mains supply. FUSES CHECK that the fuse fitted is of the correct type for the local mains voltage. ALWAYS replace fuse with the correct type. MOISTURE DO NOT expose the unit to rain or moisture. If your EQ231G-SP should become so exposed REMOVE the mains power immediately. HEAT ALWAYS site the unit away from sources of heat including direct sunlight and ensure adequate ventilation around the unit. .....
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