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    2. Insert the batteries, observing the correct polarity (see marking). 3. Replace the battery holder to the unit. Note: When changing batteries in either of the units, all units need to be reset by following the setup procedures. This is because a random security code is assigned by the transmitter at start-up and this code must be received and stored by the Temperature Station in the first few minutes of power supplying. BATTERY CHANGE: It is recommended to replace the batteries in all units regularly to ensure optimum accuracy of these units. (Battery life –see Specifications) Please participate in the preservation of the environment. Return used batteries to an authorized depot. FUNCTION KEYS: The Temperature Station has only two easy to use function keys: SET key  Press and hold for about 3 seconds to enter the Manual setting mode. + key  Press to make adjustment in the setting mode.  Press and hold to reset all MIN/MAX records + key SET key Outdoor Reception Signal icon* MIN/MAX Outdoor temperature LCD SCREEN AND SETTINGS: * When the signal from the transmitter is successfully received by the Temperature Station, this icon will be switched on. (If not successful, the icon will not be shown on the LCD). User can therefore easily see whether the last reception was successful (“ON” icon) or not (“OFF” icon). On the other hand, the short blinking of the icon shows that a reception is being done at that time. Time Indoor Temperature in °C Outdoor Temp in °C MIN/MAX Indoor temperature Low Battery indicator (temp station) Low Battery indicator (transmitter) Minutes (flashing) Hour (flashing) MANUAL TIME SET: To manually set the time of the Temperature Station: 1. Press and hold the SET key for 3 seconds to enter the manual time setting mode. 2. The hour digit of the time display will be flashing. 3. Press the + key to adjust the hour (press and hold to allow fast advance). Press SET key to confirm and go to the minute setting. 4. The minute digit will be flashing. Press the + key to adjust the minute (press and hold to allow fast advance). Press SET key once more to return to normal display. Note: If no buttons are pressed within approximately 8 seconds while in setting mode, the unit will return to normal operating mode. Indoor temperature MAX indoor temperature MIN indoor temperature VIEWING THE INDOOR TEMPERATURE AND MIN/MAX The indoor temperature is displayed in the second section of the LCD along with the indoor MIN/MAX records: Notes: The maximum temperature record for the MIN indoor temperature can only be up to - 10ºC, and the MIN/MAX temperature resolution is 1°C. The reso .....
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