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    Normally upon purchase, the watch will already display the correct time and date, and it will not be necessary to use the manual settings. ƒ Hours and Minutes are shown using the analog display. ƒ Date and Seconds are shown in the digital LCD. DIGITAL DISPLAY OF DATE, SECONDS, AND WWVB RECEPTION CONTROL 4 Press and release the PUSH-PIECE to toggle between the displays: • Month and Day The Date appears as Month and day (ex: 12.30) • Or Seconds and WWVB Signal Reception Icon 5 6 Manual Setting TIME & DATE If the wristwatch is not able to receive the WWVB signal, you may set the time manually. IMPORTANT: If the WWVB signal is received correctly, the symbol (tower) is shown, and setting the time and date manually is not possible. 1. To change the setting mode for time and date, press the PUSH- PIECE and the RECESSED BUTTON simultaneously for about 4 seconds. The seconds will flash in the LCD display. .....
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