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    2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Topic Page Inventory of Contents/Additional Equipment 3 About WWVB 3 Quick Set-Up Guide 4 Detailed Set-Up Guide Battery installation 5 Program Mode Program Sequence and Default Settings 6 Function Keys 6 Setting the LCD Contrast 7 Setting the Time Zone 7-8 Daylight Saving Time Setting 8 Radio-controlled Time Setting 9 12/24-hour Time Setting 9 Setting the Time 10-11 Setting the Year, Day and Month 11 Setting the Snooze 12 Setting the Temperature Format 12 Setting the forecast sensitivity Features Indoor Temperature and Humidity 13 Outdoor Temperatures 13 Minimum & Maximum Records (Indoor, Outdoor, & Resetting) 14-15 Additional Remote Control Sending Units (Set-Up, Viewing, & Operation) 15-16 Mounting 17-18 Troubleshooting 19-20 Maintenance & Care 20 Specifications 21 Warranty Information 22-23 3 INVENTORY OF CONTENTS 1. The Wireless Temperature Station (Figure 1). 2. One remote temperature sensor with mounting bracket (Figure 2). 3. Three each, ½” Philips screws. 4. One strip double-sided adhesive tape. 5. Instruction manual and warranty card. ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT (not included) 1. Two fresh AA 1.5V batteries for the Wireless Temperature Station. Figure 1 Time LCD Date LCD Indoor LCD Outdoor LCD Figure 2 Mounting Bracket TX29U-IT remote temperature sensor INSTANT TRANSMISSION is the state- of-the-art new wireless transmission technology, exclusively designed and developed by LA CROSSE TECHNOLOGY. INSTANT TRANSMISSION offers you an immediate update (every 4 seconds!) of all your outdoor data measured from the sensors: follow your climatic variations in real-time! This product offers: 4 2. Two fresh AA 1.5V batteries for the remote temperature sensor. 3. One, Philips screwdriver for mounting. ABOUT WWVB (Radio Controlled Time) The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology—Time and Frequency Division) WWVB radio station is located in Ft. Collins, Colorado, and transmits the exact time and date signal continuously throughout the United States at 60 kHz. The signal can be received up to 2,000 miles away through the internal antenna in the Wireless Temperature Station. However, due to the nature of the Earth’s Ionosphere, reception is very limited during daylight hours. The temperature station will search for a signal every night when reception is best. The WWVB radio station derives its signal from the NIST Atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado. A team of atomic physicists is continually measuring every second, of every day, to an accuracy of ten billionths of a second per day. These physicists have created an international standard, measuring a second as 9,192,631,770 vib .....
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