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    2 LCD1 display Foldable stand Battery cover Hanging holes LCD2 display GLOSSARY OF COMMON TERMS NIST* The National Institute of Standards and Technology maintains the primary frequency standard for the United States. The NIST also coordinates the United States time and frequency standards with other world standards. The NIST provides time and frequency services for United States clientele. WWVB* The WWVB is an AM radio station in Ft. Collins, Colorado, managed by the NIST. The WWVB’s function is to broadcast time-of-day information derived from the NIST atomic clock, located in Boulder, Colorado. ATOMIC CLOCK* An atomic clock is an extremely accurate time device measuring time by the movements of electrons in cesium atoms. The NIST atomic clock is one of the most precise clocks in the world, accurate to 10 billionths of one second. The NIST’s atomic clock contributes to the international group of clocks calculating the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)—the official world time. RADIO CONTROLLED TIME* A radio controlled time device is often confused with an atomic clock. However, a radio controlled time device receives its time information from the atomic clock each day through an internal antenna. The radio controlled time device searches for an exact time signal every night when the signal from the WWVB is the strongest. The signal can be received up to 2,000 miles away through a radio controlled time device. LCD “LCD” is an acronym for ”Liquid Crystal Display”. This is a common type of display screen used in televisions, computers, watches, and digital clocks. CELSIUS (°C) Celsius is metric system’s unit of measurement used to calculate temperature. FAHRENHEIT (°F) Fahrenheit is the common unit of measurement used to calculate temperature in the United States. *For more information regarding the NIST, WWVB, atomic clock, and radio controlled time, please visit the NIST official website: FEATURES: RADIO-CONTROLLED CLOCK: • WWVB Radio controlled time with manual time setting • Time display: hour, minute, second • Alarm setting with snooze function • Calendar display • Weekday display (3 languages to choose from: English, French, Spanish) • Time zone setting • Daylight savings time ON/OFF option (DST) • ºC or ºF temperature display selectable • Wireless transmission at 915MHz • Signal reception intervals at 4 seconds • Low battery indicator • Wall mount or freestanding • Weather forecast with weather tendency indicator based on air pressure OUTDOOR TEMPERATURE TRANSMITTER: • Remote transmission of outdoor .....
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