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    5 DETAILED SET-UP GUIDE I. BATTERY INSTALLATION (When one temperature sensor is being used) 1. First, insert the batteries to the temperature sensor (see “A. Remote Temperature Sensor” below). 2. Within 30 seconds of powering up the sensor, insert the batteries to the Weather Station (see “B. Wireless Weather Station” below). Once the batteries are in place, all segments of the LCD will light up briefly. Following the indoor temperature and humidity, and the time as 12:00 will be displayed. If they are not shown in LCD after 60 seconds, remove the batteries and wait for at least 60 seconds before reinserting them. Once the indoor data is displayed user may proceed to the next step. 3. After the batteries are inserted, the Weather Station will start receiving data signal from the sensor. The outdoor temperature should then be displayed on the Weather Station. If this does not happen after 2 minutes, the batteries will need to be removed from both units and reset from step 1 and the signal reception icon is no longer shown. A. REMOTE TEMPERATURE SENSOR 1. Remove the mounting bracket. The bracket snaps on and off easily. 2. Remove the battery cover, by sliding the cover down. 3. Observing the correct polarity install 2 AA batteries. The batteries will fit tightly (to avoid start-up problems make sure they do not spring free). 4. Replace the battery cover by sliding upwards. Be sure battery cover is on securely. B. WIRELESS WEATHER STATION 1. Remove the battery cover. To do this, insert a solid object in the space provided at the lower-central position of the battery cover, then push up and pull out on the battery cover. 2. Observe the correct polarity, and install 2 AA batteries. 3. Replace the battery cover. * When the signal is successfully received by the Weather Station, the icon will be switched on. (If not successful, the icon will not be shown in LCD) So the user can easily see whether the last reception was successful (icon on) or not (icon off). On the other hand, the short blinking of the icon shows that a reception is being done now. Battery Cover Battery Cover Sensor signal reception icon* 6 • If the signal reception is not successful on the first frequency (915MHz) for 45 seconds, the frequency is changed to 920MHz and the learning is tried another 45 seconds. If still not successful the reception is tried for 45 seconds on 910MHz. This will also be done for re- synchronization. PROGRAM MODE Programming Note: If 30 seconds is allowed to pass, or the CH button is pressed during the programming mode, the unit will confirm/set the last information entered— the display will stop flashi .....
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