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    3 continue to periodically search for a signal and automatically reset the hands when the signal is received. The La Crosse Technology atomic clock is designed for indoor or outdoor use. For indoor locations, select a location to place your radio controlled clock where it will be at least six feet away from a TV, computer, air conditioner or other household electrical appliances. The optimal location is near a window. Windows facing Colorado provide the best signal. For outdoor locations, try to select a location sheltered from direct sunlight and rain, preferably under a roof or porch area, and facing Colorado for better reception of the WWVB signal. Note: • Do not submerge clock in water. • Extreme temperatures, vibration, and shock should be avoided to prevent damage to the clock. The WWVB time signal will easily penetrate masonry and wood framed buildings. The WWVB signal will penetrate almost every residential building and most steel buildings if they have adequate windows. It is not possible, however, for the WWVB signal to penetrate most indoor shopping malls and rooms in the center of large office buildings that do not have windows. In buildings that WWVB cannot penetrate you may set the time using the manual time set button. When the clock receives the WWVB signal it will automatically set the hands to the exact time. La Crosse Technology atomic clocks do not receive or process radio controlled time signals from Germany’s DCF 77, Japan’s J Ga AS, or England’s MSFs atomically regulated transmitters. La Crosse Technology atomic clocks can be manually set and used anywhere. For more information on the NIST and radio controlled time, see SET THE TIME USING THE MANUAL TIME SET BUTTON In some cases, the La Crosse Technology atomic clock may not receive the WWVB signal due to atmospheric disturbances or hard to reach locations such as inside shopping malls. In this case, please use the Manual Time Set button, located at the back of the clock to manually set the time. To do this: 1. Press and hold the Manual Set button. 2. Release the Manual Set button and again press and hold the Manual Set button. The minute and hour hands will fast-forward while the button is held. 3. Keep holding the Manual Set button until the time is set as required. 4. Release the button. About 3 seconds later, the second hands will start to move and the clock is now running with manual time. Note: When the clock displays manual time, it will continue to try to receive the WWVB signal at each of the even numbered hours: 0:00, 2:00, 4:00, 6:00 … 20:00 & 22:00. TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY Th .....
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