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    2 ENG ENGLISH TABLE OF CONTENTS CONTENTS 3 ASSEMBLING AND PREPAR- ING 3 Unpacking 4 Parts and buttons 5 Setting up the Monitor set 5 - Attaching the Stand Base 5 - Detaching the stand base 6 - Detaching the stand body 6 - Using the cable holder 6 - Mounting on a table 7 - Adjusting the angle 7 - Adjusting the stand height 8 - Using the Kensington locking device 9 - Swivel stand 9 - Using the Pivot function 10 - Mounting on a wall 11 USING THE MONITOR SET 11 Connecting to a PC 11 - D-SUB connection 11 - DVI-D connection 11 - HDMI connection 12 Connecting to AV Devices 12 - HDMI connection 13 - Peripheral device connection 14 CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS 15 Customizing Settings 15 - Menu Settings 17 - Picture 18 - Color 19 - Display 19 - Audio 20 - Others 21 READER Setting 22 SMART ENERGY SAVING Setting 23 TROUBLESHOOTING 25 SPECIFICATIONS 25 22MB37PU 26 24MB37PY 27 24MB37PV 28 24MB37PM 29 Preset Modes (Resolution) 29 Indicator 30 PROPER POSTURE 30 Proper posture for using the Monitor set. 3 ENG ENGLISH ASSEMBLING AND PREPARING ASSEMBLING AND PREPARING Unpacking Check your product box for the following items. If there are any missing accessories, contact the local dealer where you purchased your product. The illustrations in this manual may differ from the actual product and accessories. y y Do not use any unapproved accessories to ensure the safety and product life span. y y Any damages or injuries by using unapproved accessories are not covered by the warranty. y y The accessories supplied with your product may vary depending on the model. y y Product specifications or contents in this manual may be changed without prior notice due to upgrade of product functions. CAUTION NOTE Stand Base CD(Owner's Manual) / Card D-SUB Cable (This cable is not included in all countries.) (This cable is not included in all countries.) (This cable is not included in all countries.) Power Cord DVI-D Cable (This cable is not included in all countries.) HDMI Cable 24MB37PV (This cable is not included in all countries.) One Screw Cable Holder USB Cable 22MB37PU 24MB37PY Audio Cable 4 ENG ENGLISH ASSEMBLING AND PREPARING 22MB37PU 24MB37PY 22MB37PU 24MB37PV 24MB37PM 24MB37PY Parts and buttons (Power Button) Power Indicator y y LED On : Power is on y y LED Off: Power is off Front Side Buttons Input Connectors (��������������� See p.�������� to ��� 13� ) 5 ENG ENGLISH ASSEMBLING AND PREPARING Setting up the Monitor set Attaching the Stand Base 1 Place the Monitor set with the screen side down on a flat and cushioned surface. Stand .....
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