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    A-2 TABLE OF CONTENTS COMMON TABLE OF CONTENTS A-3 SETTING UP THE TV A-3 Attaching the stand A-6 Tidying cables LANGUAGE COMMON LANGUAGE LIST English Deutsch Français Italiano Español Português Nederlands Ελληνικά Slovenščina B-1 MAKING CONNECTIONS B-1 Antenna connection B-3 Satellite dish connection B-4 HDMI connection B-6 - ARC (Audio Return Channel) B-7 DVI to HDMI connection B-9 Component connection B-11 Composite connection B-12 MHL connection B-14 Audio connection B-14 - Digital optical audio connection B-17 USB connection B-19 CI module connection B-21 Headphone connection B-24 Euro Scart connection B-33 SPECIFICATIONS A-3 SETTING UP THE TV LA62**, LA64**, LA66**, LN57**-ZE/ZK 3 1 Front M4 x 14 4 EA Stand Base Stand Body M4 x 14 4 EA M4 x 14 4 EA Setting up the TV Image shown may differ from your TV. Attaching the stand 2 (Only LA64**, LA66**) (Only LA62**, LN57**-ZE/ZK) (Only LA62**, LN57**-ZE/ZK) (Only LA64**, LA66**) A-4 SETTING UP THE TV LA69**, LA74** 2 3 1 Stand Base M4 x 20 4EA A-5 SETTING UP THE TV CAUTION y y When attaching the stand to the TV set, place the screen facing down on a cushioned table or flat surface to protect the screen from scratches. y y Make sure that the screws are inserted correctly and fastened securely. (If they are not fastened securely enough, the TV may tilt forward after being installed.) Do not use too much force and over tighten the screws; otherwise screw may be damaged and not tighten correctly. NOTE y y Remove the stand before installing the TV on a wall mount by performing the stand attachment in reverse. LN57**-ZA 2 3 1 Stand Body Stand Base P5 x 25 3EA M4 x 14 4EA A-6 SETTING UP THE TV Tidying cables 1 Gather and bind the cables with the Cable Holder and the Cable Management. 2 Fix the Cable Management firmly to the TV. (Only LA62**, LA64**, LA66**, LN57**-ZE/ZK) Cable Holder Cable Management (Only LA69**, LA74**) ⨲㘶ᖂ2 ㏪ⱞ⋾#Ɐᴏ Cable Holder Cable Management (Only LN57**-ZA) 1 Gather and bind the cables with the Cable Holder. Cable Holder CAUTION y y Do not move the TV by holding the cable holders, as the cable holders may break, and injuries and damage to the TV may occur. .....
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