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    English Manual 2 1. Introduction The LINDY USB 2.0 AutoSwitch makes it possible to share USB devices between several USB computers. The AutoSwitch is designed to operate with computers, which have a USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 interface. The USB 2.0 AutoSwitch also has the advantage of being backwards compatible with USB 1.1 devices. You may connect USB 2.0 or 1.1 devices directly to the USB 2.0 AutoSwitch; the connection of a suitable USB hub will allow you to increase the number of connected devices. Please note that only one computer may access the connected USB devices at any time! Switching between the computers takes place by depressing the push button on the AutoSwitch or by PS/2 keyboard hotkey (see operation paragrapth). Note that during an active data transfer the attached computer must not be changed by depressing the push button or hotkey! Failure to do so may cause the loss of data! 2. Features • 2 or up to 4 USB computers may share attached USB devices • Compatible with USB computers: PC, MAC, SUN • Compatible with USB 2.0 (EHCI) and USB 1.1 (OHCI, UHCI) specifications • Compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0 devices, such as USB hard disk, USB printer, USB scanner, USB W-LAN adaptor, USB IrDA adaptor, USB card reader and many more. • Powered via USB bus: External power supply not required • Switching via push buttom or PS/2 keyboard hotkey • Max. Cable length: Input and output: 2m 3. Contents • LINDY USB 2.0 AutoSwitch • This manual 4. Installation Switch OFF all computers and USB devices to be connected. Connect the computers and USB devices with suitable cables. The computers connect to the USB type B sockets found on the AutoSwitch. Please note that cheap USB cables similar to those found on USB mice are not suitable for use with the AutoSwitch. Poor quality cables may cause transfer problems and eventually lead to the loss of data! If you intend to connect any high-speed USB 2.0 devices, then it is important that you use high quality USB 2.0 cables. Poor quality cables can usually be recognized by their smaller cable diameter compared with high quality USB 2.0 cables. The maximum cable length at each input and output must not exceed 2m. English Manual 3 5. Operation • Power On Switch on the attached computers after you have connected all cables and USB devices. The USB 2.0 AutoSwitch automatically connects the attached USB devices to computer port number 1. • Channel switching, LED display Switching between the computers takes place by depressing the push button on the AutoSwitch, or by pressing the PS/2 keyboard hotkey “SCROLL LOCK” twice within 2 seconds. + = Retrieve the .....
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